GeForce RTX 3090Ti Review – the fastest GPU on the planet

The all-new Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090Ti is the fastest GPU that you can buy now if you want to play all the games at 4K Ultra Settings.

Finally, after numerous delays and release date rumors, the most awaited Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090Ti is here. Nvidia did a great job in introducing this GPU in the PC Gaming Market when the shortage of supply and high-price crisis is almost over.

RTX 3090Ti has meant to build to handle 8k gaming at above 60fps. But also it has the potential to deliver smooth 4k gaming performance at 120FPS. The GPU which can directly compare with the RTX 3090Ti is the Nvidia Quadro RTX A6000 which is a professional grade graphics card with 48GB GDDR6 Memory.

Now further any delay let’s check out the new Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090Ti Graphics Card.

RTX 3090Ti – Price and Availability

The Nvidia GeForce RTX 3090Ti is available at all the leading online and offline stores worldwide. Nvidia is currently offering this GPU at a price tag of $1999 as the base price. However, the price may vary from one region to another depending upon the availability. Also, the prices could be different from the different brands that you choose from.

Nvidia 3090Ti – Specs

Here is the detailed specification of the Nvidia RTX 3090Ti

Process Size8mm
Base Clock1560MHz
Boost Clock1860MHz
Memory Clock21Gbps
Video Memory Size24GB
Memory TypeGDDR6X
Memory Bus384bit
Pixel Rate208.3GPixel/S
Texture Rate625 GTexel/s
Slot TypeTriple slot
Recommended Power Supply850W
Display Connectors1xHDMI 2.1
3xDisplayPort 1.4
Power Connector1×16 pin
DirectX12 Ultimate

Nvidia RTX 3090Ti vs RTX 3090

The all-new RTX 3090Ti is basically a supercharged version of the RTX 3090 Graphics Card. It has the same GA102 GPU. There will be a 2.4% increase in the core count for the Nvidia Geforce RTX 3090Ti Graphics Card. On the 3090 you get 82 RT Cores and 328 Tensor Cores which is slightly lower than the newer 3090Ti RTX GPU.

Both feature the same amount of VRAM and the RTX 3090 comes with a lower base and boost clock. The RTX 3090Ti also comes with a slightly better Memory bandwidth than the last year’s RTX 3090. But the power draw is really high and we at least recommend these power supplies when you are building a PC with this GPU.

Nvidia RTX 3090Ti – Performance

The Geforce Nvidia RTX 3090Ti features all the latest gen features like Nvidia DLSS, Ray Tracing, 8K HDR Gaming Capabilities, and Nvidia Reflex. These GPUs are excellent for Content Creation as well so you can use the RTX Studio Drivers to AI accelerate your Creative apps and enhance your workflows.

We set all the games at their highest ultra graphics settings to experience the GPU’s ultimate capability. Here is the list of the components that we used for our RTX 3090Ti experiment.

  • CPU – Intel Alder Lake 12th Gen Core-i9 12900K
  • CPU Cooler – Corsair H150i Elite Capellix
  • Memory – Corsair 32GB Dominator DDR5 RAM 5200MHz Frequency
  • Storage – SAMSUNG 980 1TB M.2 NVMe SSD
  • Motherboard – MSI MPG Z690 Carbon WiFI
  • PSU – Asus THOR 1200W

Now further any delay, let’s check out the Gaming Benchmark of Nvidia 3090Ti GPU

Shadow of The Tomb Raider210fps130fps
Microsoft Flight Simulator 202071fps57fps
Resident Evil Village295fps130fps
Dirt 5200fps116fps
Cyberpunk 2077134fps48fps
DOOM Eternal452fps213fps
GOD of WAR137fps85fps
Far Cry 6131fps88fps

Nvidia RTX 3090Ti – Verdict

Nvidia has released a massive beast in the PC Gaming market. This is one of the fastest GPUs that PC gamers were expecting for quite a few days. It can handle all modern AAA titles at their maximum settings even on a 4k resolution along with a 120Hz smooth refresh rate without any lags or stutters.

Although there are mixed reviews about the RTX 3090Ti. Some think it is not worthy enough according to its MSRP price tag. With just a little bit of upgrade in the core count and the clocks, the difference is not much in real life when you are comparing head to head. We would expect that Nvidia company will be listening to every gamer’s demand when they will be coming out with their RTX 4000 Series Graphics Cards.

That’s all folks!

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