Fix Google Meet Camera not working on Windows

We are here to guide and help you to the best of our knowledge on how to fix the google meet camera not working on Windows.

Google Meet software is beneficial software that we use in our daily life. It is a video-calling application that allows you to simultaneously do video calls with a single or multi-user. This software also has remote features like screen sharing, which helps you share your screen with the users you are chatting with. At the time of the Corona/Covid Lockdown, it was one of the best software that delivered the best service for online classes and video calling.

But as this is software used by many different operating systems, it also creates issues. And one of the major issues is related to the webcam. Some users have often found that their webcam is incompatible or not working with Google Meet Software. This makes some critical office, business, or even any emergency work very delayed.

So in this article, we will guide and help you with everything on how to fix the Google Meet Camera not working on your Windows Operating System.

Fix Google Meet Camera – Activate or Allow your Camera from the settings.

In today’s generation, windows always turn off the camera option by default for privacy reasons. In this case, check whether the Camera option is turned off.

  • Go to windows settings options.
  • Then choose Privacy
  • Here, you can find an option named Camera on the left side of the sidebar. Click on it
  • After that, choose the change option and turn on the toggle button, which can be found on the right side.
  • Now, activate the “Allow apps to access your camera option” to let your webcam access any video-calling software.

For those who are using Apple/Mac operating system

  • Open Apple Menu and choose system preferences
  • Here, select Security and Privacy and then click on Privacy
  • After that, choose Camera from the sidebar, which is on the left side
  • Now enable this particular option for your web browser
Fix Google Meet Camera not working on Windows

Fix Google Meet Camera – Enable Permission of Web Browser

If you haven’t enabled to allow the usage of your webcam on your web browser, then follow the below steps.

For Google Chrome
  • First, open the google meet software on your Chrome browser
  • Then choose the padlock icon, which can be found on the address bar.
  • Here, enable the toggle option, which is on the right side of the Camera
Mozilla Firefox Browser
  • First, open the google meet software on your Mozilla firefox and try to connect to a meeting.
  • Then, on the address bar, select the camera icon.
  • Select “Blocked Temporarily” on the right side of the “Use the camera” option.
For Microsoft Edge
  • First, open the google meet software on your Microsoft Edge browser and join any meeting.
  • Then, choose the padlock icon, which can be found on the address bar
  • Click on the dropdown menu on the Camera’s right side and select “Allow.”

Fix Google Meet Camera – Set your webcam as your default camera

Google Meet software always uses your system’s default camera. In this case, if you choose your external webcam as your default or primary cam, then google meet will automatically detect it.

  • Open Google Meet on your browser.
  • Then choose the gear icon, which can be found on the top right corner side
  • Here, select VIDEO from the left side sidebar
  • After that, choose the dropdown option and select your external camera model name. Make sure it is connected to your system.

Fix Google Meet Camera – Close all other apps which can access your Camera

When many other apps run on your system, check which can access or have permission to use your Camera. If multiple applications of your system want to use your Camera simultaneously, it creates an issue and is always not accessible by some particular apps. In this case, open your task manager app and close all other apps which can use your Camera.

Fix Google Meet Camera – Update Application and System or even Hardware

If your webcam is not compatible with google meet software, then update its driver files. Open your device manager, and then you can see the “Cameras” option. Right Click on that and select the “update driver” option to update your camera driver. After updating your driver, do a system restart.

Also, do an update on your Google Meet application and as well as check for a windows update. And if your webcam’s model is too old, replace it with a modern one.

Fix Google Meet Camera – Restart your system

Sometimes, it could be possible that there is a glitch happening when Google Meet on your system is trying to access your webcam and getting stuck without notifying you. In this case, continuously restart the operating system until it detects your webcam.

So this was all about How to Fix the Google Meet Camera on your operating system. If you think we have missed something, let us know in the comment below.

That’s all, Folks!

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