Fact-Checking Policy

The Fact-Checking policy is critical when it comes to Tech Journalism. The main idea of fact-checking policy is to make sure and review the data or the published information is correct. If you want the most accurate information about games and their guides, then Xombied Gaming is the website you should rely upon.

Techuda is a Tech Hardware Website founded in 2020, and since then, we have been writing reviews, benchmarks and other tech-related articles to help every tech hardware buyer all around the globe. We are a team of two people dedicated to reviewing, testing and benchmarking software and hardware. Our reviews mainly consist of news, tech tips, computer hardware, and laptop reviews.

We work hours to check if every piece of information on our website is original and helpful for everyone. We have years of experience handling and writing computer and laptop hardware articles. Before writing reviews and benchmarks, the writers at Techuda spend hours testing the gadget or the hardware first. Once we have accumulated enough knowledge, we write the articles.

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Fact-Checking Policy at Techuda

Here are some of the policies that we follow on Techuda.

  • Review units of the hardware are handed over to the writers personally.
  • The writers then start testing the hardware and take side-by-side notes regarding the performance, temperatures, errors etc. So that they can use them while writing guides.
  • We have our very own test bench setup, and we get all the review samples from the vendors of the offline market for all the brands we cover.
  • Some of the review units we get are sent from different countries so that we can test them out and write unbiased reviews on them.
  • If we encounter an issue during the testing process, we will immediately stop the test and research to either find a solution or mark it as something which needs to be reported on the blog.
  • Once we come up with a working fix, we immediately write an article. So that we can help people fix the issues by providing a proper workaround for them.
  • Once we have a full and final draft ready with the test results, the writers will start writing the articles one by one.
  • After that, we submit the articles to the Editors at Techuda. Who further fact-check from reputable and reliable sources to ensure that the pieces are original and the information on them is correct. Also, we guarantee that the images and videos provided in the articles are appropriate and that the content is not plagiarized.

Fact Checkers at Techuda

Akash Roy


Alapan Chakraborty