Does DDR5 RAM Speed Matters?

To check whether the DDR5 RAM Speed affects the latest Gen gaming, we tested four different DDR5 Frequencies, 4800Mhz, 5200Hz, 5600Mhz, 6000Mhz and 6400Mhz RAM.

DDR5 is the latest Gen RAM in the PC gaming market right now. It is faster than the previous-gen DDR4 gen and compatible with the latest-gen software and operating systems. DDR5 RAM now comes with the lowest version of 4800 MHz speed and a max of 6400 MHz speed.

Now the central fact is, does the RAM frequency speed matters? Does the huge difference in RAM frequency make much difference, primarily while gaming? To clear this confusion, we tested five different RAM Speeds in Gaming. By keeping the whole system’s other hardware unchanged, we tested from low to high-frequency RAMs by running some latest high graphics games.

Now without further delay, let’s check out the Gaming Performance of the DDR5 RAM speed of five different frequencies.

DDR5 RAM Speed – Test Setup System Details

Here are the details of the test setup we are using to check the DDR5 RAM Speed of different frequencies.

ProcessorIntel Core i5-13700K CPU
Graphics ProcessorRTX 3090Ti Graphics Card
MotherboardASUS Z790 Maximus Hero
MemoryCorsair 4800 MHz RAM,
Corsair 5200 MHz RAM,
Corsair 5600 MHz RAM,
Corsair 6000 MHz RAM,
Corsair 6400 MHz RAM
Power SupplyEVGA 1600W 80+ Gold Fully Modular
CPU CoolerMSI MAG Coreliquid C360 AIO Liquid Cooler
Operating SystemWindows 11 Pro 64bit
Does DDR5 RAM Speed Matters?

DDR5 RAM Speed – Gaming FPS Benchmark Outcomes

Here are the results of the Gaming FPS Benchmarks from low frequency to high frequency. All games were tested on ultra setting at 1080p.

DDR 5 RAM FREQUENCY vs GAME NAME4800 MHZ5200 MHz5600 MHz6000 MHz6400 MHz
Cyberpunk 2077 With RTX OFF191 fps avg196 fps avg198 fps avg203 fps avg204 fps avg
Cyberpunk 2077 With RTX ON142 fps avg143 fps avg147 fps avg150 fps avg154 fps avg
Hitman 3215 fps avg219 fps avg228 fps avg237 fps avg242 fps avg
God of War223 fps avg232 fps avg238 fps avg243 fps avg246 fps avg
Horizon Zero Dawn219 fps avg218 fps avg220 fps avg223 fps avg227 fps avg
Marvel’s SpiderMan111 fps avg115 fps avg122 fps avg127 fps avg127 fps avg
Microsoft Flight Simulator78 fps avg79 fps avg81 fps avg85 fps avg88 fps avg

DDR5 RAM SPEED – Final Verdict

The above chart list shows an average of 15 fps difference between the lowest and highest frequency ram. The price of 4800 Mhz RAM starts at approximately $43.99, and the cost of 6400 MHz RAM begins at roughly $175.99. Suppose you think that an average of 15fps matters to you, then you can buy the highest 6400 MHz frequency ram for now. But from our perspective, it does not matter; you are good even if you have 4800 MHz RAM.

Remember that releasing the latest gen high-speed hardware in the market does not make your hardware useless. You are still the king with your setup, and you seriously don’t need to waste your money if you are purely vested in gaming.

So this was all about whether the latest-gen DDR5 RAM speed affects the latest-gen games. If you feel we have missed anything, let us know in the comments below.

That’s all, folks!

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