Dell XPS 15 9510 Review – 4K Display with Touchscreen Laptop

The all-new Dell XPS 15 9510 Laptop is the latest generation ultra-light notebook from the brand with a crisp 4K display and an excellent laptop with touchscreen powered by the latest Nvidia Geforce RTX 3050Ti!

The XPS laptops have always been one of the pioneers in pushing ultra-light portable laptops into the market. This is one year after Dell released their XPS-15 Laptop which they claimed to be almost an exquisite desktop replacement. The difference between the last year’s Dell XPS 15 9500 and this years XPS-15 9510 is the silicon. This year Dell went with the all-new Nvidia RTX 3050Ti 4GB Graphics Card. The Dell XPS laptop also boasts an Octa-Core i7-11800H Processor!

Most people are nowadays buying smaller laptops like the 13-inch or 14-inch notebooks like the Dell XPS 13 or Lenovo Carbon X1. Yes, these laptops do possess powerful processors but the graphics aren’t good enough at all even for an external monitor. This is totally understandable that the laptops mostly prioritize thin form factors with maximum portability. But that is not the case all the time. Sometimes getting a laptop something that is much more powerful and larger is not bad at all. With a bigger chassis, you not only get a bigger screen but extra ram slots, an extra SSD slot, and even a better GPU which you would definitely need in this XPS 15 9510 as the laptop is using a 4K resolution display.

The Dell XPS 15 9510 is an upgraded version of the XPS 13 with an 8 Core i7 11th Generation Processor along with a 2nd Generation RTX Graphics Card. The inclusion of the Intel and the Nvidia RTX combo does attract a lot of Content Creators and casual gamers and definitely gives the Apple 16 inch Macbook Pro a run for the money. The newly featured 16:10 aspect ratio for the display on the XPS-15 9510 cuts the lower chin bezel and fills that area up with the screen itself. It looks aesthetically very pleasing as the bezels look much symmetrical and there is no wastage of screen space by the thicker bezels which we saw in the earlier years. The XPS Laptop from Dell also has an OLED Screen variant but the one we are testing here features the 4K display.

So without further delay let’s check out the all-new Dell XPS 15 9510 Laptop.

dell xps-15 laptop
Dell XPS 15 9510 Laptop Review

Dell Laptop XPS 15 – Specifications

Here are the specs for the Dell XPS 15 Laptop.

Screen15.6-inch Size, 4K+ 3840 x 2400 pixels, 16:10 aspect ratio, 60 Hz, IPS, Glossy Surface, Touchscreen Panel, 500-nits brightness / FHD IPS matte & 3.5K OLED touch variants also available
ProcessorIntel Tiger Lake H45 Core i7-11800H, 8Cores/16Threads
VideoIntel Iris Xe + Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050Ti 4GB (35-45W)
(4GB GDDR6, 45W Max TDP, 3rd Gen Max-Q,1,223 MHz Boost Clock)
Memory16 GB DDR4-3200 (2x 8 GB DIMMs), up to 64 GB
Storage1x M.2 PCIe x4 gen3 SSD (WD PC SN730), 2x M.2 2280 slots
ConnectivityWireless 6 (Killer AX1650s) 2×2, Bluetooth 5.1
Ports2x USB-C with Thunderbolt 4 (left), 1x USB-C 3.2 with data/charging/video (right), SD card reader, audio jack, Lock
Battery86 Wh, 130W barrel-plug charger with quick-charging
Size345 mm or 13.57” (w) x 230 mm or 9.06” (d) x 18 mm or 0.71” (h)
Weight4.38 lbs (1.99 kg)+ .44 kg (.97 lbs) for the charger+cables
ExtrasWhite backlit keyboard, Glass touchpad, HD webcam with IR, Quad up-firing 8W Speaker, Biometric Scanner
Operating SystemWindows 11

Dell XPS-15 Laptop 9510 – Price and Availablity

The all-new Dell XPS 15 9510 Laptop that we have here today retails for $2399 and up you go as you add more Memory and Storage to it. You can also opt for the cheaper i5 11th Gen ones with 8GB RAM and 256GB SSD with an FHD+ Screen for around $1299. Although this laptop won’t be having a dedicated Graphics card you have the option of upgrading the RAM and the memory.

The one which we have features a Core i7 11800H Processor with an RTX 3050Ti and a 4K Display. The price difference between the FHD+ Display variant and the 4K Display variant is almost $400 while the RTX 3050Ti version that we have cost $100 more than the RTX 3050 version. The laptop is available on most online retailers and as well as on dell’s website where you can customize the laptop as per your choice and you will be able to avail yourself of certain discounts as well when purchasing from the website.

XPS 15 Laptop Dell – Design and Aesthetics

The all-new Dell XPS 9510 features an aluminum build quality. They actually didn’t change much from the last year’s version. Except they switched to a 16:10 display with much slimmer bezels. The device feels extremely premium and well built. This is a full-size 15.6-inch laptop with a newer aspect ratio and a big battery underneath. As mentioned the bezels are e extremely thin and there is almost no chin bezel at the bottom. This is definitely not an ultra-lightweight laptop hen compared to the other 14 inch laptops.

The XPS feels extremely high-quality and robust. It is no noticeable bend or flex or makes any squeaking sounds no matter how you use it and carry it. The quality is top-notch and there minimal competition when it comes to the build quality and reliability of Dell laptops. There is only a Dell logo that is stamped on the lid. Other than that there is nothing fancy about the XPS-15 9510 Laptop lid. The black version that we have uses a carbon fiber material than the glass fiber which is used in the white version. There is a difference of $50 between the black and white ones. Dell’s XPS models always looked more professional and better than the other Dell models.

We do appreciate the clean and compact design of the laptop. The big display is an absolute treat for both entertainment and working purposes. The hinges feel very smooth and sturdy and Dell did a great job of setting up it in such a way that it doesn’t wobble at all. The screen leans back up to 140 degrees which is fine but we would have liked it more if it had a 180-degree rotation like the MSI Modern 15 for example. The design is professional and really fits into a business scenario.

dell xps 15 design
XPS 15 9510 – White

Dell XPS – Display

The all-new Dell XPS 15 9510 Laptop features a 4K display with a resolution of 3840x2400px. The unit we have for testing is the flagship variant with the IPS Panel. Although dell offers a couple of other resolutions like the matte non-touch FHD variant with a resolution of 1920×1200 pixels with 600 nits of brightness and color calibrated. Another variant features glossy OLED Screens of resolution 3560×2160 pixels which has a peak brightness of 400 nits.

The OLED display is a touch screen as well. And the one which we have features 500 nits of peak brightness and it is full color calibrated. The 16:10 aspect ratio with razor-thin bezels on all four sides looks absolutely stunning. The viewing angles are great and the display panel offers very good contrast considering an IPS Display and there was no light bleeding around the display. It features a 60hz panel as opposed to the ASUS Vivobook Pro 14X which featured a 90Hz display for casual gamers. The low refresh rate won’t matter to content creators and business professionals but those who have the knack for casual gaming might prefer a higher refresh rate display.

These are some of the key display metrics of the Dell XPS-15 9510 Laptop

  • sRGB Coverage: 100%
  • Adobe RGB: 100.0%
  • DCI-P3: 97.2%
  • Measured gamma: 2.16
  • Brightness of the screen: 504.08 cd/m2
  • Contrast: 1769:1
  • White Balance: 6400 K
  • Blacks: 0.28 cd/m2
  • Response time: ~54 ms Grey to Grey
dell xps 15 9510 laptop display
XPS 15 9510 – Display

Dell i7 Laptop – Keyboard and Trackpad


The keyboard that we see on the laptop is as same as the one we have seen earlier on the XPS laptops. Dell XPS 15 9510 doesn’t offer a full layout keyboard as this laptop is mainly geared towards portability and small form factors as the prime priority. Although the laptop still has limited depth and doesn’t have much key travel. That is okay for most of the users but those people who would also use it to publish textual base content might need a separate mechanical tenkeyless keyboard.

The layout is good and the plastic caps do feel all right but the keyboard is a bit shallower than most of the ultrabooks nowadays. Of course, the keys are white backlit. The illumination is bright and you will have no issues using it in the dark. If you want to know more about laptops with the best keyboards check out this li


The all-new Dell XPS-15 Laptop features a large glass touchpad and it is one of the best touchpads that are available on Windows laptops. The touchpad responds really well to all the Windows gestures like pinch to zoom and double finger drag. The left and right key buttons are placed under the glass touch bar and the clicks feel okay. The trackpad doesn’t seem to have any fake clicks or palm rejection issues.

dell xps 15 9510 laptop keyboard and trackpad
XPS 15 9510 – Keyboard and Trackpad

XPS Laptop Dell – Ports and Connectivity

On the connectivity side of things, on the right side of the laptop, you will find a USB 3.2 Type C Port, a MicroSD card slot, and a headphone microphone combo jack. On the left, you will find two Thunderbolt Ports 4 Ports. All the ports offer a display output and can also be used for charging the device. Dell readily provides a USB C to USB A Port and a USB C to HDMI Adapters with the device itself. Charging is possible on both sides of the laptop.

dell xps 15 9510 laptop right
XPS 15 9510 – Right
dell xps 15 9510 laptop left
XPS 15 9510 – Left

On the wireless side of things, the Dell XPS-15 9510 laptop features a Wi-Fi 6 801.11ax for internet connectivity and Bluetooth 5.1 for seamless file transfer. Dell left no complaints when it comes to both wired and wireless connectivity of the laptop.

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Dell XPS 15 Laptop Review – Battery, Webcam and Speakers


The all-new Dell XPS 15 9510 Laptop features an 86W/hr battery which is good enough for this laptop. The battery is beefed up to provide good runtimes with a 4K display an Intel i7 11th Generation H Series Processor. On our testing, we find that it runs approximately 5 hours with Better battery mode and doing some text processing work with browsing and audio. The screen stays at 60 percent while the WiFi remains on in all situations. Binge-watching on Netflix lasted us around 6 hours. And when we start gaming on this laptop it does not stay for more than 3 hours at max. For gaming and high intensive workloads, it is advisable to connect the laptop to a power source for the laptop to perform at its peak. Also, Dell provides a 130W charger that connects via the USB C Port.


Dell installed a small 720P webcam in its thin bezels. Thankfully they didn’t include a nose cam and went for a direct head-to-head angle for all your zoom calls or online classes and team meetings. the 720p webcam is quite good when it comes to video calling. Although you will have to deal with some amount of graininess the details are pretty nice overall. But still, if you want to go for some really good quality webcams with depth modes then check out our list of best webcams.


The all-new Dell XPS-15 features a pair of top-firing speakers. The company also introduced the Waves Audio Pro where you can manually control the dial for the bass and play with various EQ Profiles. It is really good at default settings only but you can tweak it as per your requirements. Although we recommend using a pair of good headphones when listening to music or attending calls.

Dell xps-15
XPS 15 9510 – Battery, Webcam, Audio

Dell Laptop XPS 15 9510 Performance

The Dell XPS 15 9510 Laptop is built on the Intel Tiger Lake 11th Generation Processor. The laptop features an Intel Core I7 11800H Processor which has 8 Cores and 16 threads. Dell did a fantastic job of implementing various power profiles for the laptop so that the CPU to run to meet the necessary power and thermal requirements. The multithreaded processor allows us to do multitask and run software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, etc, and other rendering software. The Intel 11th Gen Tiger Lake processors are power efficient and save battery life by limiting themselves to 48W of power.

Along with it, the Laptop is powered by an RTX 3050Ti Graphics Card which has a max TDP of 35W and can run up to 45W when Dynamic Boost kicks in. The lower-priced version has an RTX 3050 Graphics Card while the i5 models feature Intel Iris Xe Graphics Card. The i7 models only feature the Nvidia Graphics Cards. The RTX 3050Ti graphics card is more than capable to run the modern rendering software with ease and also mainstream games would look and run fantastic on this device. These Dell XPS-15 9510 Laptops are designed and Optimized mainly for content creation.

For the memory and the Storage, there are dual RAM slots that support up to 64GB of memory. In our testing unit, we have 8×2 GB of RAM in dual-channel mode. For the storage, Dell uses a WD SN730 1TB NVMe SSD for faster response and data transfer within the system. We don’t get to see a Gen4 SSD on this device yet but you can add one more SSD to the remaining M.2 2280 Slot.

Here are some of the benchmarks of the Dell XPS 9510 Laptop.

3D Mark Firestrike10020
3D Mark Time Spy4660
Uniengine Superposition2450
PC Mark 105998
GeekBench 5.0.17560 Multi-Core/ 1620 Single core
Blender 2.9 (CPU Compute)4 minutes 21 seconds
Blender 2.9 (GPU Compute)1 minute 23 seconds

Here are some of the Dell XPS 15 9510 Laptop Gaming Benchmarks.

SE Ranking

GAMES (Ultra Settings)Dell XPS 15 9510 LaptopVivobook Pro 14X Laptop
Red Dead Redemption 248 FPS50 FPS
Middle Earth Shadow of Mordor105 FPS112 FPS
Shadow Of Tomb Raider51 FPS64 FPS
The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt90 FPS95 FPS
Far Cry 570 FPS77 FPS

The gaming benchmarks of the Dell XPS-15 Laptop are running at max settings at Full HD Resolution. You won’t be able to run games at the native 4K resolution and toning down the settings means you will have to deal with the fuzziness and the other artifacts that come along with it. Also, the refresh rate of the display is at 60Hz vs the 90Hz Vivobook Pro 14X or the MSI Creator M16 that we reviewed here which had similar specs and a QHD+ 60Hz Golden Ratio display!

Dell XPS 15 9510 – Thermals and Noise

The all-new Dell 15 9510 features a set of fans with a Dual heat pipe design. They also put some thermal plates on the top of the VRMs to prevent them from heating as well. The new pads and plates were not there in the earlier versions of the XPS 15 9500. The fans pull the fresh air from the bottom of the laptop through the grill intakes. The hot air is then pushed out of the vents that are present under the hinge of the laptop.

The hot air exhaust gets split and most of the air exhausts out away from the user while some of it still goes to the screen. The temperature of the device mostly ranges from 75 degrees to 88 degrees which is decent and well below the thermal throttling threshold. This system is maintained properly will run extremely silent and keep your temperatures down for maximum performance.

As the laptop is targeted mainly for daily usage, in almost all daily scenarios the laptop will remain extremely silent. If you use it at home plugged, it won’t even need the fans kicking in until it reaches a specific temperature threshold. However, if you are running some CPU only or GPU only tasks, the fans will rarely go above 40dBA with ultra-performance mode activated. Pushing it more by running games on the Dell XPS 15 9510 laptops we measured a slight increase in the noise levels to around 43-44dBA or maximum at 45-47dBA in our extreme workload tests. But if you are looking for something powerful yet silent check out these Top 5 Fanless Laptops.

dell xps 15 9510 internal
Image Credit (Ultrabookreview)

Dell Laptop XPS – Software

The all-new Dell XPS-15 9510 Laptop comes shipped with Windows 11 pre-installed and pre-activated with lifetime validity. Apart from that, you would also get a free copy of Microsoft Office which would include Word, Powerpoint, Excel, etc. The utilities that Dell provides are Dell Mobile Connect which lets you connect your mobile phone with your XPS Laptop and interact without having to use the phone at all. It also has its signature Premier Color and CinemaColor software for setting up display profiles and color calibration based on the task that you are doing. The Dell Customer connect is for the users to take on surveys and contact support in case they need any help. The Trial version of Dropbox is available for 1 Year Free.

Dell XPS 15 9510 Laptop Review – FAQ

How much Warranty does Dell XPS 15 9510 4K Laptop have?

The Dell laptop XPS 15 carries a 1 Year Standard Warranty.

Can I upgrade Dell XPS Laptop RAM and SSD?

Yes, definitely you can upgrade both the RAM and SSD as well. Since this is a 15-inch laptop, you will get two ram slots that would support RAM up to 64GB dual-channel mode. Right now you will have an 8×2 GB configuration, but if you want you can upgrade it with a 16x2GB configuration you can easily swap those out. For the storage, there are two M.2 2280 slots available which out of which one is already populated with the 512GB NVMe SSD. You can add another NVMe SSD without having to take out the older SSD and go into the hassle of reinstalling everything on the newer SSD.

However, if you are interested to upgrade to faster SSD storage then check out our list for the Top 5 Best SSD for Gaming.

Dell XPS Laptops – Verdict

Should you buy the Dell XPS 15 9510 Laptop? Definitely, you should. The XPS-15 is a complete package of pure craftsmanship in compact small factor with a full-sized specification. The speakers are extremely good, the crispy 4K display is gorgeous if you are watching movies or videos. The touch screen is extremely responsive. Although the glossy display does take me off a little because I had a really hard time using the laptop under direct lighting conditions especially outdoors. Since the XPS 15 laptops come in Dell’s premium range, they have to have the top of line components, but the keyboard is somewhat of a letdown with a shallow typing experience.

They received a lot of complaints last year regarding this but it seems they didn’t work on that. The only USB C IO format might be a big no for some who still prefer or uses USB Type A-based devices. But to balance out this laptop is more than capable of running complex multithreaded workloads with ease. The Dell XPS 15 9510 features both the latest Intel i7 Processor and RTX 3050Ti Graphics Card for maximum performance both when Gaming and Creating content. This XPS 15 laptop minimized the thermal throttling issues which was a major concern for the last generation users. This year they kept it under control with comfortable fan noise levels and temperatures both in and out.

So this is about the all-new Dell XPS 15 9510 Laptop. Let me know down in the comments for your thoughts and feedback on this!

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  1. I just bought this laptop and totally agree with the author that it is a beautiful machine with power and a gorgeous screen. Use Photoshop, MS Office, browsing etc., but no gaming. Wish that battery technology would allow a longer life battery but it is a full hour more than the comparable HP spectre that I had previous to the Dell XPS. Touch screen is responsive. Only thing I am missing is the number pad which makes working with spreadsheets so much easier.
    I have the white model and, while it is a very good looking chasis, the bright white backlighting does not work so well on the white keys. Looks great on a dark keyboard but on the white model, the is not so much contrast and it tends to just shine without letter definition. Not a reason to avoid buying it, just need to be aware.


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