DDR4 vs DDR5 – Which RAM should you buy for Gaming?

Which RAM should you choose right now for your Gaming PC build-in 2022? DDR4 vs DDR5 Performance Comparison.

Random Access Memory is an important part of the PC while you are in gaming mode. And in 2022, the latest DDR5 RAMs arrive. Although right now it has support for only Intel 12th Gen Processors as new processors come out both from AMD and Intel we will be uploading more benchmarks to our website so stay tuned for that as well. Welcome to the new era of the DDR5 platform which has opened the door to a higher performance level of PC Gaming.

DDR5 has come with many features, obviously to overtake the performance of DDR4. DDR5 RAM manufacturing companies have given us some statements about it. To support this new technology, you have to buy a new motherboard and processor to run this. So without further delay let’s quickly check out the performance of DDR4 vs DDR5.

DDR5 Module
DDR5 Module

DDR5 Specs

The new RAM comes with so many new exciting features. It has a higher bandwidth level than DDR4. With 8 dies on the chip, it can top out up to 2TB per module. A similar thing is it comes with 288 pins with a max of 128GB like DDR4 Ram.

Now here is a good thing. DDR5 rams are power-saving. Where DDR4 ram demands 1.2V, DDR5 ram operating power requirement is 1.1V. But if you want to overclock, it will demand a supply of 1.35V. So DDR5 ram is a power-efficient product while offering the same amount of performance.

DDR4 vs DDR5 - DDR5 Memory 2022
DDR5 Memory 2022

DDR4 vs DDR5 Gaming Performance

Does it really boost gaming performance more than the current DDR4 ram? Right now only Intel Alder Lake CPUs support the latest DDR5 technology with PCIe express 5.0. So we ran a benchmark on our system which has Core i9-12900K and Nvidia RTX 3080Ti. Here are the results below.

Games (1080p Ultra)DDR4 (3600Mhz)DDR5 (6000Mhz)
War Thunder215 FPS228 FPS
Microsoft Flight Simulator 20282 FPS79 FPS
Hitman 3191 FPS210 FPS
Halo Infinite136 FPS149 FPS
Fortnite160 FPS185 FPS
Far Cry 6140 FPS158 FPS
Counter-Strike Global Offensive288 FPS315 FPS
Call of Duty Vanguard192 FPS205 FPS
Borderlands 2042198 FPS202 FPS
Assassins Creed Odyssey125 FPS138 FPS

DDR4 vs DDR5 Performance Verdict

So as we are seeing, some of the games are giving high FPS with DDR5 ram while some are giving more in DDR5. So it’s not ready for gaming right now actually, perhaps some problem from the game patches or hardware. The hardware is still required to be optimized with the software and games that are running on it.

Since there aren’t any more processors that currently support DDR5, we are still yet to see the performance when it hits the mainstream market. Just reminding you of an incident in case you have missed it when Call of Duty Ghost was released, the developer gave a statement that it will require at least 6GB of ram memory to start the game.

But after some days, a hacker released a patch in torrent and the game ran with below 6GB ram memory kits. So, let’s see where we have to wait for the patch or anything else.

So this was all about our DDR4 vs DDR5 Performance topic. If you feel we have left out something feel free to comment down below!

That’s all folks!

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