Corsair Voyager Gaming Streaming Laptop coming in June

Corsair Gaming Laptop – The new Corsair Voyager Gaming Laptop is powered by an AMD Ryzen CPU and a Radeon GPU, making it a truly mobile gaming/streaming solution!

Corsair has always been known to provide the best in class quality components like Mechanical Keyboards, Gaming Mice, Gaming Headphones etc. They also feature one of the best RGB Ecosystems in the market, providing one of the best RGB lighting enabled products. They are also into storage devices, and the name “Voyager” is taken from their USB Stick for the new Gaming Laptop.

So the Corsair Gaming laptop is not a Pendrive; instead, it’s a full-blown gaming laptop, and for the first time, we are seeing a brand that we passionately love stepping up to provide an all in one solution for Gamers and Content Creators. This Corsair Gaming laptop is all AMD Exclusive which means these laptop owners will enjoy the benefits of AMD Advantage as AMD’s stated that the corsair Voyager Gaming laptop will be a truly portable streaming solution providing excellent performance even on the go.

Corsair Voyager Gaming Streaming Laptop coming in June
Corsair Voyager Gaming Streaming Laptop

Voyager Gaming Streaming Laptop – Best laptop for mobile streamers

This is the first time we got to see Corsair’s Voyager Gaming Laptop, and it is expected to release in June 2022. They have scheduled a Summer release for this one.

The Brand collaborated with AMD and its AMD Advantage Partner program to make this happen. This means that the new Corsair Voyager Gaming Laptop will feature the latest AMD Ryzen processor, AMD Radeon Graphics Cards, and all the Smart technologies that the AMD Advantage has to offer, and yes, that means DirectStorage, too, when Microsoft releases it.

The laptop comes with a 16-inch screen with thin bezels on all four sides of the display. The resolution of the Corsair Gaming laptop is 2960×1440 and has a Refresh rate of 240Hz.

Corsair will be using Elgato for the Streaming, which they earlier acquired in 2018. The Facecam HD Webcam is also part of their Streaming Laptop equation, and the Camera hub software supports it.

The Corsair Voyager features a unique addition that stands out from the already crowded gaming Laptop market. The 10 Key Streaming Command Center is a fantastic addition placed right below the laptop’s hinge. The touch buttons are powered by Elgato Stream Deck Software, which makes it handy for travelling and streaming gamers.

Despite what other reviewers and websites say, we loved the laptop’s look. We have always been a Corsair fan and always wanted Corsair to have their lineup of notebooks. And with the addition of Elgato, things are better than ever. This laptop features a larger trackpad as well, and from the looks, it is pretty slim and lightweight.

The laptop will be soon available for both offline and online retailers. However, you might find some customized versions of this laptop from Origin.

So this was all about the new Voyager Gaming Laptop. The best laptop for both Gaming and Streaming. Feel free to comment below if you feel we have missed out on anything.

That’s all, folks!

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