MK730 Cooler Master Mechanical RGB Keyboard Review

What is a Mechanical keyboard and why do we need to have one?
A Mechanical keyboard is a variant of all computer/laptop keyboards. The spring activated high quality key switches are made according to the keyboard’s application and usage.

Unlike membrane keys which feel very mushy, a Mechanical keyboard provides a clicky feel while gaming which enhances the experience of typing on mechanical key switches. Each stroke on the keyboard feels extremely satisfying as it results in tactile feedback which indicates a successful key press. These kinds of keys provide a helps in preventing typing errors and also helps to increase the typing speed. A good mechanical keyboard is very sturdy, durable while giving the same typing experience for years.

So today we are going to check out the all new MK730 Mechanical RGB Gaming Keyboard from Cooler Master.


Let us quickly unbox the Keyboard and check out what’s’ inside.

The box packaging is almost identical just like last year’s edition. Purple accents on the black background with white text and the product highlighted in a glossy finish.

On the back of the package we get to see more information about the various features of the keyboard.

This is what we get from inside the retail box packaging.
• Cooler Master MK730 Tenkeyless Mechanical Keyboard
• Type-C to USB Cable
• Wire Key Cap Puller
• Fabric Bag
• Purple Key-caps

Box Contents

Alongside, the keyboard which we are going to revisit later on, the vacuum-sealed keycaps which include the purple Up, Down, Left, Right keys, Esc Key & the W, A, S, D keys which can be replaced with keys present on the keyboard with the provided Wired Key Cap Puller.

Cooler Master is providing fabric bags along with the majority of their products and the keyboard is of no exception. Although a hard case inclusion would be nice but the thick fabric cloth does a good job of protecting the keyboard from minor shocks.

The Cooler Master MK730 uses a Type-C to USB nylon braided cable for power and connectivity. The attached Velcro on the cable is helpful in proper cable management.

Lastly, the inclusion of the Wrist rest provided especially for the MK730. It is basically a magnetic cushioned PU Leather wrist rest that attaches to the keyboard. The black CM logo on the PU Leather gives the keyboard an edge aesthetically!

Cooler Master MK730

Talking about the keyboard, this is a Tenkeyless keyboard i.e. this is a keyboard without the Numpad. Featuring a gunmetal aluminum brushed chassis with a hard plastic base which not only makes the keyboard look well but feels well also.

The MK730 features a floating key design which is very much common nowadays with almost all types of gaming keyboards. Since this is a TKL keyboard, removal of the number pad means sacrificing the multimedia keys just above the numpad. To ease of access, Cooler Master clustered those keys on to the navigation keys accessible via the function key.

This version of MK730 that we have features the Cherry MX Brown Switches. The Brown switches have the same tactile feel to it but without the click. Because of its silent but noticeable performance, it is widely preferred primarily by Gamers and in office scenarios as well.

The cable management system for the detachable usb cable can be routed in three ways according to your length preferences. It is great to see how the cables can be arranged neatly without having to tie them up to shorten the length.

Flipping the keyboard, we can see the keyboard feet and the big anti-slip padding too. The inclination is perfect and the keyboard feels rock-solid at its place & doesn’t move an inch. That being said it very much can withstand much abuse while gaming which speaks a lot about the durability.

One of the best selling part of the Cooler Master MK730 is the RGB lighting as the keyboard has RGB strips on both the sides and on the front. There are multiple RGB zones on the strip and can be controlled using the Cooler Master software.

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The Cooler Master MK730 can controlled with the Cooler Master Portal Software. You can change the RGB lighting patterns, save macros, remap the entire keyboard and toggle between the 4 profiles.

The LED strips on the keyboard is fully customizable. The left and the right side of the keyboard has 4 customization options and the Cooler Master logo itself can also be customized.


Using this keyboard for some time now and I am pretty much liking it. I like to type as well as play games on it. It can pretty much withstand all kinds of pressures. The keys feel great and since this is a Cherry MX brown switch, there is minimal to no sound while gaming or while typing.

The inclination is more or less perfect to my liking. The PU leather cushion does a great job in maintaining that angle and thus giving a comfortable posture while using the keyboard. The wrist rest dosent fall off or move away and it pretty much stays in its place.

mk730 cooler master

The key-caps are quite good and getting used to it wont take much time. You can also replace those key-caps with the given purple key-caps. Also you have to take care of the leather on the wrist rest as it is prone to get punctured easily by any sharp object.

mk730 cooler master


So that was my overview on the Cooler Master MK730 Tenkeyless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and I absolutely loved gaming on it. With a price point of around Rs.10000, Coolermaster did a great job in keeping the balance between a good professional level Mechanical gaming keyboard and the Price.

I had a great time using this keyboard and I am sure you will too.

mk730 cooler master

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Thats all folks!

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