CES 2023 Razer Gaming Product Launch Full Highlights

At CES 2023, Razer showcased alot of its new Gaming Products, including Blade 2023 laptops, handheld consoles, VR headsets and new Gaming sound systems.

The highly anticipated CES 2023 is finally here. And along with all the other brands like ASUSHPMSI, Lenovo, DellAcer, etc., Razer also launched its brand new lineup of Gaming Products and laptops.

Razer is one of the best Gaming Hardware manufacturers, and they have finally at CES 2023. Razer showcased some of its latest unique peripheral gaming products at the launch event, including laptops.

While gamers were expecting new mouse and keyboard models from the CES 2023 Razer Gaming Launch event, they skipped it. They haven’t manufactured any products like that but instead went with some other gadgets they will release.

So without further delay, let’s check out the all-new gaming products from Razer revealed at CES 2023 Event.

CES 2023 Razer Handheld Console- Razer Edge

Like the Steam Deck, Razer has introduced a similar gaming gadget, Razer Edge. It comes with a handy design. This Razer Edge contains a 6.8 inch AMOLED display which holds 2400×108 pixels of resolution. The impressive thing about the screen is that the resolution of this screen is native, along with a 144Hz refresh rate.

This handheld gaming gadget from Razer has been manufactured with a Snapdragon G3 Gen1 processor. This provides extraordinary support for the AAA title and some native games. Not only this, but it has its cooling technology and has no compromises in performance sections. Currently, Razer’s this Edge will primarily have a feature of 5G connection support. And later, this model will also come with WiFi support.

Razer has also set a release date of Jan 26 in the US with a price tag of $400. If this is going to be a good model, better than the Steam Deck, which has a price tag of $529 for its premium version, then we can expect some amount of competition between these two.

Razer Sound System CES 23

Project Carol

Razer Sound System CES 23 Project Carol

In 2023, Razer will offer you a brand new sound system, Project Carol. It has been manufactured to deliver uncompromised clear 7.1 surround sound. This system will be available with a dual speaker system. Both speakers will have real-time haptic feedback to provide a clear-cut and realistic sound, especially during gaming. HyperSense Technology has created this unique feature.

Project Carol will be available with wireless technology to eliminate the wire management system. The connection will use a 2.4GHz frequency. Both dual speakers will have 8 hours of total playtime and a rechargeable option through a USB cable.

Leviathan V2 Pro Soundbar

Razer Sound System CES 23 Leviathan V2 Pro Soundbar

Razer is launching a strong and good quality Soundbar, Leviathan V2 Pro. It has a beamforming surround sound bar that has head-tracking AI technology. This technology will deliver sweet spot sound by tracking your head position. Leviathan V2 Pro soundbar already includes Razer’s own THX Spatial Audio feature. This will also deliver full room-filling sound, making your room a stage or home theatre.

With a release date in February 2023, Razer plans to release this Pro soundbar with a price tag of $400 in the US market.

CES 2023 Razer- Kiyo Pro Ultra Webcam

CES 2023 Razer- Kiyo Pro Ultra Webcam

Razer will release a Webcam with a quality like a DSLR camera. Kiyo Pro Ultra Webcam is a plug-and-play webcam that doesn’t need any other external power source. According to its statement of Razer, this is the most significant and most extensive sensor they have made for this webcam.

The features of Kiyo Pro are that it can convert raw and native 4K resolution 30fps video into raw uncompressed 4K 24fps or 1440p 30 fps. It also has a recording feature of basic 1080p 60fps video streaming. With the help of AI, it also can track the face, autofocus, 30fps HDR, ISO, controlling of Shutter Speed, etc.

Razer’s Kiyo Pro Ulta Webcam is now available only at Razer’s online store with a price tag of $299.99.

Razer VR Headset- Meta Quest 2

Razer VR Headset- Meta Quest 2

To experience virtual gaming, Razer is introducing a new VR headset for gamers, Meta Quest 2. With a new adjustable strap system, Meta Quest 2 now comes with an elastic strap that will deliver a superior level of comfort. To reduce the pressure on the eye and upper nose area, Razer has added some hypoallergenic and ultra-thin material to keep your skin safe from irritation.

For this particular VR gadget, Razer hasn’t disclosed any other things about it right now. As soon as we get plenty of information, we will deliver it to you.

CES 2023 Razer- Razer Blade 2023 Laptop

CES 2023 Razer- Razer Blade 2023 Laptop

To make gaming more exciting and powerful in a compact system, Razer is coming with a new Blade laptop in 2023. With a wide 16:10 aspect ratio of the screen, there will be two choices for this laptop in terms of screen unit. You can choose a 16-inch 120Hz screen with UHD+ resolution or an 18-inch 240Hz screen with FHD+ resolution.

Both laptops will be released with an Intel Core i9 Raptor Lake HX CPU and will feature Nvidia’s latest RTX 4000 series GPU and 5600MHz of RAM, which can also be upgraded. The Razer Blade 2023 Laptop will use a TGP of 175W power consumption for running.

For the 18-inch model, you need to pay $2899.99, and the 16-inch model will cost at least $2699.99. Both models will be available within the Q1 of 2023.

So this was all about the CES 2023 Razer Product launch highlights. If you think we have missed anything, let us know in the comments below.

That’s all, Folks!

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