CES 2023 Dell Laptops and Alienware Laptops

The all-new CES 2023 Dell Laptops and Alienware Laptops are the best in gaming and content creation! Read the full highlights here!

The highly anticipated CES 2023 is finally here. And along with all the other brands like ASUS, HP, MSI, Lenovo, Razer, Acer, etc., Dell also launched its brand new lineup of Laptops.

This year, Dell and Alienware launched their all-new laptops at CES 2023. Dell and Alienware have updated their laptops with the latest generation hardware and designs for 2023, an upgrade over the last generation Dell Laptops. Dell and Alienware have their laptops featured with the newest generation of Intel Raptor Lake and AMD Raphael Series CPUs by keeping in mind the latest generation of games and software demands.

So for this year, Dell has announced two gaming laptop models, G15 and G16, and along with Alienware, has announced a total of 4 gaming laptops. 2 are from the M series, and the rest of the two are from the X series. The four laptops from Alienware are M16, M18, X14, and X16.

Without further delay, let’s check out the Dell Laptops and Alienware Laptops released at CES 2023.

CES 2023 Dell Laptops- G15 and G16

CES 2023 Dell Laptops- G15 and G16

Dell is launching two new G series laptops in 2023, G15 and G16. The numbers attached to the “G” indicate the laptops’ screen size. This means G15 will come with a 15-inch and G16 will come with a 16-inch display. Both laptops are meant for gaming, so Dell has included some dedicated Gaming Function macro keys this time. These special keys have unique gaming functionality such as anti-ghosting, Audio management, Windows Lock, and many others.

The G15 features unique lighting for its keyboards, which can be either single-zone or quad-zone. It provides a full-size keyboard featuring all of Dell’s exclusive gaming functions. On the other hand, G16 has only a single zone RGB function along with Cherry MX key options. Both models will feature a full-size keyboard.

Most importantly, both laptops now come with the latest Generation Intel 13th Generation and AMD CPU choice options. To handle the pressure of running all latest-gen games without lagging, Dell has included the latest Nvidia RTX 40 series GPU model inside of it. By reconstructing the thermal design, these G series laptops are now made with a Boost Vapor Chamer Cooling design and an Element 31 thermal interface. And with Dell’s software, you can fully control and customize your G series laptop.

CES 2023 Alienware Laptops

A total of 4 gaming laptops have been announced at CES 2023. Two are from the X series, and the others are from the M series. Here are the details of it.

M16 and M18

CES 2023 Alienware Laptops M16 and M18

Alienware has revealed their 2 M series Gaming Laptops, M16 and M18. Just like the G series, these numbers, which are attached with the “M”, indicate the screen size of the laptops. This means M16 is coming with a 16-inch screen, and M18 is coming with an 18-inch screen.

But now, here is the game-changer thing between these two models for which gamers might get confused about choosing one. The M18 will have a big screen with a lower refresh rate of 165Hz. On the other hand, the M16 will have a smaller screen with a whopping high refresh rate of 480Hz. So gamers have to choose what they want between the choice of either a Higher Refresh Rate or a larger screen.

Both laptops will have G-Sync, Free-Sync, and Dynamic Display switching options. The Dual Channel DDR5 memory and M.2 SSD are fully customizable for these laptops to extend the amount of memory and storage.

X16 and X14

CES 2023 Alienware Laptops X14 and X16

The X series of Alienware laptops, which will be released in 2023, is designed like a modern gaming laptop with all the bells and whistles. Both X16 and X14 are now equipped with six-speaker designs and great sound, and the visuals will use Dolby Vision and Atmos sound combination with Dual Woofers.

The X series is entirely manufactured with metal, and they have especially paid attention to the exterior design. The cooling system of these laptops comes with a dual-fan design. X16 and X14 will be equipped with the 13th Generation Intel Core Hx CPU and Nvidia 40 Series GPUs. Both X16 16-inch display and X14 14-inch display will have a display aspect ratio of 16:10.

So this was all about the new CES 2023 Dell and Alienware Laptops. If you think we have missed anything, let us know in the comments below.

That’s all, folks!

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