Top 5 Best Wireless Keyboard with Touchpad in 2021

If you’re tired of your laptop’s touchpad, want to use a wireless keyboard with a built-in mouse, or just need something that will free up some space on your desk let me introduce the best wireless keyboard with a touchpad. These are some of the few keyboards on the market that has both!

If your computer is located on the couch and your mouse is running low on batteries, then this article is definitely going to help you out. These Bluetooth touchpad wireless keyboards make them perfect for both desktop use as well as mobile devices like tablets and laptops. It’s an all-in-one solution to keep everything connected without having to switch between devices or type away awkwardly on your phone screen.

We have selected keyboards from various different brands which are definitely one of the best in the market. Don’t you just hate it when your laptop’s keyboard is too far away and you have to stop what you’re doing and go over there? It’s so inconvenient, right? Well, we’ve got a solution for that! Introducing the wireless keyboards with a touchpad. Now you can use your mouse without having to get up from your desk or couch. This will make using the internet much easier on those long days where sitting in one place becomes tiring. And if that wasn’t enough, these keyboards are also compatible with both iPhone and Android devices! Get yours today to avoid disappointment tomorrow.

There are plenty of options to choose from including ones with ergonomic designs and even backlit keys which is perfect if your workspace has low light conditions. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Keyboard with Touchpad: iClever BK08 Folding Keyboard

Folding Keyboard with Sensitive Touchpad (Sync Up to 3 Devices), Pocket-Sized Tri-Folded Foldable Keyboard for Windows Mac Android iOS

foldable keyboard with touchpad

The first item on our top 5 best keyboards with touchpad list is the iClever BK08 Wireless Keyboard which comes with an integrated Touchpad out of the box with dedicated left and right mouse buttons as well. The striking feature of the keyboard is that it’s Foldable and easier to carry around anywhere.

iClever BK08 Folding Wireless Keyboard with a Sensitive Touchpad. It is the best portable keyboard that you can take anywhere. It has a sensitive touchpad that is extremely responsive and sturdy. It supports Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. You can connect it to three different devices at the same time. The foldable design makes it easy to carry you around in your bag or pocket.

The iClever BK08 has a sensitive touchpad that supports multi-touch gestures like pinch zoom, swipe, scroll, etc. You can even use it as a mouse or control your presentations/slideshows with ease! This foldable keyboard comes with 8 hotkeys (shortcut keys) for controlling the media player and other accessible apps.

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Keyboard with Touchpad: Corsair K83 Wireless Keyboard

Bluetooth and USB – Works with PC, Smart TV, Streaming Box – Backlit LED

corsair keyboard with touchpad

The second wireless keyboard with a touchpad is the Corsair K83 Wireless. It has flagship features like White backlighting, Joystick control for Gaming as well a Precision touchpad for Gesture support.

Corsair’s K83 is a great wireless keyboard for your PC. The sleek, aluminum finish blends in with any desktop set-up and the adjustable LED backlighting helps you work in low light conditions. It’s also got a modern joystick control which makes it easy to navigate through web pages and documents. The integrated precision touchpad lets you use gestures to zoom, scroll or swipe without moving from the keyboard. And when you’re done, just plug it into your TV or laptop and enjoy on the couch!

The K83 also features an all-new anodized brushed aluminum finish, low profile textured keys for fast and accurate actuation, precision dual-zone backlighting with adjustable brightness levels, modern joystick control, and an integrated precision touchpad. Whether you’re playing your favorite FPS or just surfing the web on your living room PC, the Corsair K83 will give you complete command over your games and media thanks to its ultra-low latency Bluetooth connectivity.

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Keyboards Touchpad: Microsoft Wireless All in one Keyboard

All-In-One Media Keyboard, Black, Wireless

Microsoft all in one keyboard

The third keyboard on our list is the Microsoft Wireless All in One Keyboard which is a great addition when it comes to using your PC while sitting on your couch or far away from your PC. It’s wireless so you will have no issues with it.

Microsoft’s Wireless All-In-One Media Keyboard is a great addition to your home or office. The keyboard connects easily and seamlessly with Windows computers and the integrated multi-touch trackpad allows you to navigate through content quickly and efficiently. Customizable media hotkeys allow you to control your music, videos, and more with ease. And when you need to connect from anywhere within a 10-meter range, it couldn’t be easier than with this wireless keyboard. It features an ergonomic design that is comfortable for all-day use.

It allows for greater mobility than wired keyboards. Durable design is ideal for an active lifestyle with spill-resistant technology so you can enjoy the freedom of wireless computing wherever you are at home or on the go.

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Wireless Touchpad Keyboard: Logitech K830 Keyboard with Touchpad

Illuminated Living-Room Keyboard with Built-in Touchpad – Easy-access Media Keys and Shortcut Keys for Windows or Android

logitch K830 Wireless keyboard with touchpad

The fourth wireless keyboard with the touchpad on our list is the Logitech K830 Wireless Keyboard. This is a backlit enabled keyboard with a smooth touchpad and dedicated right and left mouse buttons. The premium textures and the metal-like finish gives it an edge over the other keyboards at this price point.

The Logitech K830 is a wireless keyboard that combines the functionality of both a keyboard and mouse. The keyboard features adjustable backlighting for easy typing in dim light conditions. With its 33 foot range, you can use it from almost any distance without compromising on performance or speed. Its metal-like finish gives it a stylish look that will complement your modern home or office decor.

The Logitech K830 has an easy typing feel, with low-profile keys that are quiet yet responsive. With its metal-like finish, this wireless keyboard is both stylish and durable. And it’s easy to use in the dark thanks to its backlit keys. Plus, you can easily navigate using the dedicated full-size arrow keys or media controls for even more convenience. It is compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, or later Android 5.0 or later Chrome OS USB port or Bluetooth Smart enabled devices.

Bluetooth Touchpad Keyboard: Solidtek Rackmount Keyboard with Touchpad

Rackmount Keyboard with Built-in TouchPad, USB Connector, Black

Solidtek rackmount keyboard

The fifth wireless keyboard in our best keyboard with touchpad is the Solidtek Keyboard. This full-sized keyboard features mem-chanical features the highest quality materials and craftsmanship to ensure years of trouble-free usage.

SolidTek’s new Rackmount Keyboard features a built-in Touchpad with Left and Right buttons, Wrist rest, a Mem-chanical keyboard, USB Connectivity, Full-Size keyboard. This durable keyboard is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday use in industrial environments. It has an integrated touchpad that provides accurate fingertip control for cursor movement and left/right mouse button functionality. The wrist rest provides ergonomic support for users who spend long hours at their computer station.

The keyboard features adjustable backlighting for easy typing in dim light conditions. With its 33 foot range, you can use it from almost any distance without compromising on performance or speed. Its metal-like finish gives it a stylish look that will complement your modern home or office decor. You can also control your media player using the shortcut buttons.

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Worth Mention: Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Keyboard with Trackpad

Wireless Touch TV Keyboard with Easy Media Control and Built-In Touchpad

logitech k400 keyboard with touchpad

Logitech’s K400 Plus Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard is a compact, sleek and stylish keyboard that lets you work or play from virtually anywhere in your home. Connect the keyboard to your computer with the 2.4Ghz wireless connection, and use the built-in touchpad to control your laptop or tablet with just a swipe of your finger. The slim, comfortable keys are quiet so you can type without disturbing others around you. With up to 5 million keystrokes per key, this keyboard will last for years before needing replacement.


We have been using a wireless keyboard with a touchpad for the last few weeks and it has made my life so much easier. Having both a mouse and a functional, responsive keyboard on one device means that I have more space to work with on my desk as well as an easier time navigating around without getting any hand cramps from holding onto a laptop or tablet all day long. There are some really great keyboards out there but most of them lack the ability to use either function independently which is why they didn’t make our list! These products are currently available on Amazon if you’re looking for your next office companion!

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