Best Fanless Laptops – Top 5 Quiet and Silent Laptops

Modern Laptops are not only about power and portability. It is also about how loud your fans are when under full load and most of you just hate it. So we chose the top 5 silent and fanless laptops that you can buy right now!

The new trend of laptops being completely silent computing is here already. With the all-new fanless laptops, you will not have to worry about any fan noises or hard disk click noises while you are working. All the fanless laptops on our list don’t include any 2.5 inch hard drives as well. Laptops which are completely fanless are extremely lightweight too and very much resistant to damage from shocks and accidental drops due to exclusion of spinning and moving devices in the laptop itself.

As newer generation laptops are getting much thinner day by day and generation by generation, the hardware inside also gets faster and smaller to the point where most of the laptop space is taken by the battery itself and only a fraction of the space is taken by the other components like the RAM and memory. So the newer generation laptops come with passive cooling that does not require any fans and it’s completely silent. We have had seen fanless and silent desktop components like passively cooled graphics cards from brands like ASUS, PNY, etc.

There is one main reason to opt for fanless laptops, which is that it is going to be dead silent and perfectly noiseless. All the internal hardware is passively cooled along the inclusion of NVMe SSD storage in all the units makes the whole computing experience much faster and quieter. There used to be older fanless systems but they used to come with spinning 2.5 inch hard drives which made the laptop somewhat quieter but the random hard drive click noises and slower performance made the consumers opt for more silent laptops with SSDs preinstalled. The main purpose of introducing silent laptops is to provide an experience similar to what smartphones and tablets are offered for years now.

Although it is important to note that quiet laptops always don’t necessarily perform like your Gaming laptop with the dedicated graphics card and top-end cooling solutions. It will be most suited for every usage and business-related activities like working on excel sheets, connecting it via Bluetooth to listen to music, and watching movies. You can also take these laptops to work as they are very easy to carry around. Fanless Silent laptops are built to consume low power, hence they charge up quickly and last longer.

If you are in a meeting or giving a presentation, these silent passively cooled fanless laptops would provide dead silent operation with super-fast computing speed. If you are shopping on a budget you might as well look into the Celeron or Pentium laptops, but if you want something really premium you can go for the new ARM-based models for Chromebooks or fully featured fanless laptops running macOS or Windows

So without further ado let’s check out our top 5 best silent laptops.

Fanless Laptops – Apple Macbook Air

Apple M1 Chip/ 8GB RAM/ 512GB SSD/ 13.3-inch Display/ Octa-Core GPU/ 15 Hours Battery Life

Apple Macbook Air Fanless Laptops

The first silent laptop on our list is the Apple Macbook Air. It is one of the first recommendations that we had in mind and here it is.

Apple is always known to have built its premium lineup of devices like the iPhone, iPad, Macbook, and the iMac. And the one we are checking out is the Apple Macbook Air. The Macbook Air is one of the thinnest and slimmest with a massive upgrade on the performance side of things. The latest Macbook Air comes with an impressively powerful ARM-based chip, the Apple M1 under its hood it gives a huge boost in performance. The Apple laptop also comes with the latest macOS Monterey preloaded or a free upgrade to it if you have the older macOS 11 Big Sur running on it. The new Macbooks boast impressive performance out of the box with better power efficiency and longer battery life.

apple macbook m1 keyboard and touchpad

Apple has always been accused of focussing mainly on aesthetics and not on the products themselves. But the latest Macbooks with M1 chips changed everything. The display is also eyecatching and with almost no bezels, the 2560×1600 resolution looks incredibly good. The Retina display is extremely sharp and produces vibrant colors with P3 Color Gamut. Editing photos and videos are bliss on the Macbook Air.

Coming to the internals, the Macbook M1’s fanless and silent design is appreciated globally. Apple eliminated the fan noise and integrated an aluminum heat spreader for maximum heat dissipation no matter how intense the workload is, the laptop would operate dead silent.

Fanless Laptops apple macbook side view

Silent Laptops- Acer Swift 7 Laptop

Thin & Lightweight Laptop/ 14” FHD IPS Touch Display/ 8th Gen Intel Core i7-8500Y/ 16GB LPDDR3/ 512GB PCIe NVMe SSD/ Back-lit Keyboard/ Windows 10

Fanless Laptops acer swift 7

The second laptop on our list is the Acer Swift 7 Thin and Lightweight laptop. It is one of the thinnest and lightest laptops weighing just around 890gms.

The Swift 7 features an i7 8th Generation Processor with 16GB RAM and 512GB NVMe SSD. The laptop has a 14 inch full HD IPS Display with a Multi-Touch feature and support for gestures. The Display features the Corning Gorilla Glass protection. The Swift 7 is available in two colors, white and black. Although the White model looks extremely clean with no distinctive fingerprints or smudges. Acer claimed to have used magnesium-lithium and magnesium-aluminum alloys for the construction which is much lighter and stronger than aluminum alone.

Fanless Laptops acer swift laptop side view

The screen is really impressive. It has a widescreen viewing experience and with the tiniest bezels on all 4 sides of the laptop, the display looks extremely sharp and rich with good viewing angles. The touchscreen on the other hand could have been better. The Acer fanless laptop features a pop-out camera. It would not be advisable to use the camera on this laptop as the quality is terrible. You can check out these webcams if you want to do video calling and conferencing. The white backlit keyboard is okayish for typing and the laptop includes a thunderbolt port also.

The fanless design does eliminate the noise and the laptop is silent even at extreme loads. The deck on the other hand gets warm especially on the right side when connected to a charging port. It doesn’t heat up too much but it is definitely less comfortable to use than a standard air-cooled laptop. The goal of the Swift 7 was to have a clamshell laptop that is extremely thin and light and one of the best when it comes to commuting and traveling with it.

Fanless Laptops build quality

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Quiet and Fanless Laptops- Google Pixelbook

Intel Core i7 7th Gen Processor, 16 GB RAM, 512 GB NVMe SSD/ Touchscreen with Stylus support/ ChromeOS

Fanless Laptops google pixel book

The third laptop on our Top 5 Quiet and Fanless laptops list is the Google Pixel Book. It is the ultimate Chromebook. It is one of the most versatile and overshadows most of its competitors like the Chromebook Pixel.

The Google Pixelbook is one of the most beautiful-looking devices from Google yet. It has a brushed aluminum finish with flushed edges. There is also a rubberized palm rest and every inch of design in this notebook is stylish feels premium. This 2 in 1 laptop has a beautiful glass trackpad which is extremely impressive to use and it precisely registers all the single and multi-touch gestures. The keyboard has 0.8mm travel and it is extremely satisfying while typing on it. The clicks are very deep and subtle.

Fanless Laptops google pixelbook tab

The display is excellent with excellent color reproduction. It has a 235ppi display which is a huge upgrade over the other Chromebooks while at par with the Macbook Pro and Surface Pro 6. The display has 400 nits of brightness but however, it has a glossy screen, and won’t be a good idea to use it under direct sunlight. The touch display is extremely accurate especially when you are using the pixel book pen.

The Chromebook is powered by the Intel 7th Gen Kaby Lake Processor with 16GB RAM and 512GB SSD. These are low power and low heat Y Series which makes this Google Pixelbook fanless. These fanless laptops are extremely silent with no inclusion of moving parts inside the Chromebook. The device not only looks beautiful but it is silent and powerful as well.

Fanless Laptops pixel book

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Silent Laptops – Microsoft Surface Pro X

13″ Touch-Screen –/ Microsoft SQ1 Processor/ 8GB Memory/ 128GB Solid State Drive/ Wifi/ 4G LTE/ Matte Black

silent Laptops microsoft surface pro

The fourth device on our fanless laptops list is the Microsoft Surface Pro X. Microsoft aimed to provide a full Windows experience on an ARM platform because ARM is the future. It is much slimmer, lighter, and lasts longer on a single charge than both Intel and AMD counterparts while always connected to 4G LTE. Qualcomm backs up Microsoft to deliver the best possible performance with the least power consumption.

The Microsoft Pro X has a 13-inch display with a very high-resolution high-quality touch screen display with a resolution of 2880x1920p. It has 450nits of brightness support for full Windows 10 and all-day battery life. The Microsoft Pro X fanless laptop performs really well when you are using it on a daily basis As the display is a touchscreen, a pen is also provided and it can be charged inside the type cover itself.

quiet Laptops microsoft surface pro

The device is snappy and extremely smooth and there is no difference in experience between the Microsoft device and an x86 computer. Although the Pro X is not meant for high-end gaming and handling multithreaded workloads for tasks like browsing, email, and entertainment, it is one of the best and lightweight devices that you can carry around. There is also a good thing to note that the SSD can easily be accessed and upgraded on the Pro X. The Webcam on the Microsoft Surface Pro X is extremely good and you can use it for video calling, team meetings, or zoom calls.

Apart from that, the device is completely fanless for smooth and silent operation. The exclusion of all moving parts from the device made the laptop look and feel more like a tablet than a laptop itself.

Fanless Laptops laptop keyboards

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Quiet Fanless Laptops – Samsung Galaxy Book S

Intel Core i5-L16G7/ 8GB RAM/ 256GB SSD/ 13.3-inch FHD (1920×1080)/ Intel UHD GPU/ Upto 17 hours

Fanless Laptops galaxy s

The fifth and the last laptop on our Top 5 best fanless laptops list is the Samsung Galaxy Book S. It aims to combine speed, portability, and battery life.

The Samsung Galaxy Book S is powered by Intel Core i5 L16G7 Processor along with Intel UHD Graphics. The Galaxy Book features a very attractive design. It has a full metal build with a sleek and stealthy look. It is extremely light and robust. The 13.3 inches display with thin bezels looks gorgeous on such a thin and compact form factor. The keyboard and trackpad look and feel very nice and the matte finish color scheme is absolutely gorgeous. A fingerprint reader with a built-in power switch is a nice addition. It helps you log in to windows with just a single touch.

samsung galaxy s build quality

One of the trump cards of this laptop is the inclusion of a SIM Card tray which lets you connect your laptop to the internet using Cellular data. With this laptop, you can connect to the internet wherever and whenever you want without having the hassle to create a hotspot on your mobile device. Samsung will offer more than enough performance with the specifications provided for applications like Browsing, accessing emails, watching movies, and connecting with people at your workplace or with your friends. It is very much capable of handling Word Processing workloads at ease. It has an exceptional battery life of more than 15+ hours which means this laptop can pretty much run the whole day without needing to charge up again.

Apart from that, this is a fanless laptop with no moving parts thus making it extremely quiet no matter how much workload you put on it.

Fanless Laptops design

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Verdict – Should you buy Passively cooled fanless laptops?

Well, the answer is both Yes and a No.

Considering the positive side of it. Premium fanless laptops are extremely lightweight and offer dead silent operation. Not only that it comes with a huge amount of battery life which comes with an aesthetic touch to it. Buy these laptops only if you travel a lot and always need to be online. The SIM card feature on some of the laptops helps you do so. And the sleek and stealthy look does bring in a lot on the table if you are more into the aesthetics of a device.

But it also brings in some amount of limitations, it won’t be as powerful as traditional laptops as it features low-powered processors suitable for basic everyday tasks. Overall if want something completely silent, then these fanless laptops are worth checking out. They are currently available on Amazon as well.

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