Top 5 Best Laptops for College Students in 2021

These are our top 5 picks for the Best Laptops for College Students in 2021. Our selection is made keeping in mind the portability and the performance as well.

Laptops have become an essential part of every working professionals or even for College and School Students in General. This is mainly because of the Coronavirus Pandemic which has shifted the entire education system online. Online Classes are a thing now. And the laptop manufacturers seized this opportunity to release laptops and Chromebooks optimized both for learning and for business. If you are a college student reading this article, then definitely you would have the desire to know about the top 5 best laptops for college students and own one. So that you can complete all your projects and online classes at ease. With the latest hardware installed and optimized to run these tasks better than ever. Also, in your free time, you can watch or stream some movies, play games to relax a bit.

When you will be buying your laptop for school or college, you would want that laptop to be fast enough and as well as portable enough to carry around. Some of you might also prefer a touchscreen laptop so we also listed one of those in our best laptops for college list. We also listed the Top 5 Best Gaming laptops for those who want to do higher-end tasks like video rendering. Although we included one in this article as well.

Whichever laptop that you choose to buy, don’t forget to buy the extra accessories along with it like Cooling Pad, a good quality mouse (wired or wireless), and a mousepad from reputed brands like Logitech. A backpack is extremely essential so make sure you get the best laptop backpacks from this list. If you want you can get a printer from brands like Epson and HP. Also, make sure to pick up a pair of good quality in-ear/over-the-ear Bluetooth headphones for music or movie playbacks or online classes and video conferences.

Best Laptops for College Students – HP Envy 13

Intel Core i7-1165G7/ 8 GB DDR4 RAM/ 256 GB SSD Storage/ 13.3-inch FHD Touchscreen Display/ Windows 10 Home with Fingerprint Reader/ Camera Kill Switch

Best Laptops for College Students hp envy 13

The all-new HP Envy 13 makes way for the first laptop in our Top 5 Best Laptops for College Students List. The HP Envy 13 is a beautifully crafted device with sleek chassis, bright and vivid 1080p touch display. It also features an Intel Core i7 11th Gen Tigerlake Processor and is based on the Intel Evo Platform. The body is fully made up of aluminum and it’s extremely thin, light, and ultra-portable.

The 13.3inch Touch screen display is a full HD 1920×1080 IPS multitouch panel with extremely thin bezels. If you fancy taking down your notes quickly, this laptop would be a perfect choice for you. There is also an unhackable camera shutter and microphone mute button for more security. The fingerprint reader is also integrated into the keyboard. With up to 16 hours of battery life, this laptop is enough to last for a full working day. Overall, an extremely fast lightweight small laptop that fits in the smallest of the laptop backpacks.

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Best Laptop for College – MSI Prestige 14 EVO

14″ FHD Ultra-Thin Bezel Display/ Intel Core i7-1185G7/ Intel Iris Xe Graphics/ 16GB RAM/ 512GB NVMe SSD/ Thunderbolt 4/ Win10 Home/ Intel EVO Platform/ Pure White

Best Laptops for College Students msi prestige evo 14

The MSI Prestige 14 EVO is one of the best in our top 5 best laptops for college list in terms of design and builds quality. It is beautifully crafted with aluminum and white variant looks the best among the other color variants like the black and pink editions. This laptop features an i7 11th Gen G7 Processor paired with 16GB DDR4 RAM and 512GB NVMe Gen4 SSD. The NVMe Gen4 SSD gives this laptop an edge in performance when it comes to daily tasks and even content creation workloads like Photo Editing and Video Editing.

Although it would serve better as a Photo Editing and a Multimedia device. This laptop features a 14 inch Full HD IPS Display. The Display also has an sRGB coverage of 100%. Being extremely lightweight, this laptop would be perfect to carry around in business meetings. It also supports all the Windows Hello features like Fingerprint recognition and Face detection. It has all the modern connectivity ports and as well as the Thunderbolt 4.0. The keyboard is white backlit and the device feels very premium to both use and feel. College students love MSI Prestige laptops as it is one of the most versatile laptops on our list.

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Best Laptops for College – Apple Macbook Pro

Apple M1 Chip/ 13-inch/ 16GB RAM/ 256GB SSD Storage/ Space Gray

Best Laptops for College Students apple macbook pro

There is no doubt about the performance you get from the new Apple M1 chips. The Apple Macbook Pro makes it to the third position in our Top 5 best laptops for college students. So the all-new Macbook Pro features the Apple M1 Chip which is one of the best processors when it comes to laptops. It runs anything you throw at it with ease and it never hangs at all. The Apple Macbook Pro smokes Windows laptops in terms of performance and stability. It even outlasts all its competitors when it comes it comes to battery life. We are talking almost 16 hours of battery life on this one. Only thing is that Apple kept their last generation design on the newer models.

Apple products last long and perform equally better throughout. This laptop might be a little on the heavier side but it can easily be carried around with problems at all. Pairing with a retina display with a brightness of up to 440nits, the panel on the M1 chip delivers excellent results when it comes to color correction. This is hands down the best laptop for Content Creators. Softwares like Photoshop, Premiere pro runs extremely well on Macbooks. However, if you are looking to game on a laptop then I suggest you go with a Windows-based Gaming Laptop.

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Best Laptops for College – Lenovo Legion 5 Pro

AMD Ryzen 7 5800H/ 32GB RAM/ 2TB NVMe SSD/ Nvidia RTX 3070 8GB Graphics Card/ 16-inch 165Hz WQXGA Dsiplay/ Nvidia Gsync

Best Laptops for College Students - lenovo legion 5 pro

We didn’t wish to disappoint gamers for sure. So we included the Lenovo Legion 5 Pro in the fourth position in our best laptops for college students list. The Legion 5 Pro is a Gaming Laptop with all the Gaming Specific performance hardware and optimizations. Starting with the processor, it hosts one of the best Gaming processors in the market, AMD Ryzen 7 5800H which is an eight-core 16 thread processor. With a memory capacity of up 32GB and 2TB NVMe Storage, this laptop boasts all the necessary performance attributes that gamer needs. It also features a 16-inch 165hz display with a maximum display brightness of 500nits. The display is also HDR certified with NVidia Gsync enabled.

The Laptop is powered by the Nvidia RTX 3070 8GB Graphics Card which would run any game you throw at. But who is it for? Well, it is for Gamers and Content Creators who are into 3D rendering and as well as hard-core Gaming and Streaming. The RGB Keyboard will spark up the Gaming vibes inside you and with this level of hardware, you can literally multitask as much as you want without having to think about thermals. Lenovo’s signature Cold front 3.0 thermal solution manages all your heat and temperatures without having to worry about thermal throttling. A true beast we would say.

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Best Laptops for College – Dell Inspiron 15

AMD Ryzen 7 5700U, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD, HDMI, Webcam, Backlit Keyboard, WiFi, Bluetooth, FP Reader, Win10 Home

The all-new Dell Inspiron 15 captures our attention to be on the fifth choice for the best laptops for college list. Why? Because it is one of the first laptops that would feature the all-new AMD Ryzen 7 5700U 8 Core processor but with a touch screen feature. We haven’t seen this combo in any of the brands earlier. Or if you do mention down in the comments below we would love to check and review that. This Dell Inspiron 15 features an Antiglare touch display with a very narrow border. This is to mention that this laptop is not a 16-inch laptop with thin bezels.

It is of the normal size but the bezels are narrowed to make it look like a 16-er to give a more wide view experience. You also get 16GB RAM along with a 1TB SSD, along with all the necessary USB and Type C Ports. A Fingerprint Scanner is also present along with an HD webcam and privacy shutter. The keyboard is backlit and the device is extremely thin and lightweight. It would be perfect to use both in business and classroom scenarios.


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So these are our Top 5 Picks for the Best Laptops for College Students in 2021. We have covered almost every type of laptop starting from Intel 11th Gen with touch and without touch Laptops like the HP Envy 13 and the MSI Prestige 14 EVO respectively. We also picked up the Apple Macbook Pro for all you Apple fans out there. We also had Lenovo Legion 5 Pro Gaming Laptop on the list and finally ended up with the extremely new Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop which has a combo of both AMD Ryzen 7 5700 Processor and a touch screen display. These laptops are all available right now on Amazon! Go grab them before they go out of stock!

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