Top 5 Best Laptop Backpacks for Travel and Work in 2021

Taking care of your electronic devices like Laptops is crucial when you are on the go. So that’s why we cherry-picked the top 5 best laptop backpacks for traveling and working in 2021.

Laptops are an essential part of our daily life now. The pandemic changed everything. The demand for laptops skyrocketed since last year and everything is going back to normal now with the COVID vaccination in action. Most of the offices have reopened or are on the verge of reopening by calling back all the employees who were working from home since the pandemic struck. Even the schools and colleges are said to be reopening. Now since everything went online, most students and working professionals have opted for the use of their own laptops both at the workplace or at school. So laptop backpacks this time would come really handle as you can personalize and keep all your valuables like the sanitizers tissues and extra masks and as well as your valuable electronic devices like the laptop, chargers, iPad, etc.

Proper spacious laptop backpacks facilitate keeping your hands free to carry other important items like a mobile or maybe a cup of coffee?? A good comfortable laptop backpack also balances the weight equally on your shoulders even if you are riding a bike, or you are traveling along with multiple other items. The padded straps and the clipped belts not only provide comfort but a good grip as well. These bags are also equipped with electronic ports like USB ports. All the bags we have chosen are water-resistant. The definition of a good solid laptop bag is its durability and comfort.

So let us check out the top 5 best laptop backpacks for travel and work in 2021.

BC Bruno Cavalli Travel Laptop Backpacks

Large Business Travel Laptop Backpack/ Laptop Bags for both Men and Women with USB Charging Port, Water Resistant Bag, Anti Theft, Durable Computer Bag for College, School, Office, Fits 15.6 or 17.3 Inch Laptop, Black Color

travel laptop backpacks bc bruno cavelli

Our first pick for the top 5 best laptop backpacks for college students and working professionals are the BC Bruno Cavalli Backpacks. These are large business travel backpacks with plenty of compartments for your laptop, iPad along with separate pockets for all your laptop, travel, or school accessories. There are many pockets with proper zippers and hidden pockets for keeping the essentials. These laptop backpacks are made both for men and women. You will have one big compartment for all your daily needs and many other small pockets both inside and outside the bag. You can also keep an umbrella or water bottle on both sides of the bag. This laptop bag comes in two variants, 15.6 inches, and a bigger 17 inches one to carry both sizes of laptops.

It is specially designed for airplane travel as well. There is also an external USB charging port if you want to use your mobile while charging. An internal USB that will connect to your power bank along with a headphone jack if you want to keep your iPod inside the backpack and listen to music at the same time. For extra security use the anti-theft hidden pockets to hide money or purse. The back of the laptop bag features a honeycomb mesh sponge breathable pad that not only forms a suspension and airflow but also gives you maximum support and comfort. The shoulder straps and the chest strap buckle are there for easy grip and comfort whenever you cycling or walking. And lastly, this backpack is Heavy-duty water-resistant polyester fabric with metal zippers across the back which can withstand the hardest of the conditions.

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Matein Travel Laptop Backpacks

Business Series/ Anti Theft/ Slim Durable/ Laptops Backpack with USB Charging Port/ Water Resistant/ Office, College, School Computer Bag/ Laptop Bag for Men & Women/ Fits 15.6 Inch Notebook/ Grey Color

slim travel laptop backpacks

The second bag in our top 5 laptop backpacks list is the Matein Slim Travel Backpack. This laptop bag is made up of water-resistant and durable polyester fabric with metal zippers. The comfortable airflow back design with thick padding ensures proper ventilation so that you don’t sweat when carrying this bag around for long hours. The breathable adjustable shoulder straps feel extremely comfortable even when you are carrying a heavy load in this bag. If you talk about the inside of the laptop bag, there are separate laptop compartments that can hold both 15.6/14 and 13-inch laptops. There are separate compartments that provide room for daily necessities as we mentioned earlier and tech accessories.

The front has a small pocket for keeping your stationery and other handy items. There is also a luggage strap present which allows the backpack to fit on any luggage or suitcase. Apart from having so many features in such a slim backpack, it is also well equipped with a USB Port design. The built-in charging cable connects to the power bank and you can connect your wire with the USB port on the laptop bag for your phone to charge while on the go. There is also an anti-theft pocket on the back of the laptop bag to protect all your valuable items. These Matien laptop backpacks offer excellent portability as it has a slim form factor. Perfect for within-city travels

Comes in three different colors Austere Grey, Black Charcoal, Blue, Camouflage Grey, and Black Camo.

VSNOON Stylish College Laptop Backpacks

15.6 Inch Laptop Support/ Stylish College School Backpack with USB Charging Port/ Water Resistant/ Casual Daypack/ Laptop Backpacks for Women/ Girls/ Business/ Travel

laptop backpacks for women

The third laptop in this best laptop backpacks series is the VSNOON Laptop bag for girls and women. This laptop bag is made up of very high-quality polyester fabric material with extremely durable metal zippers. The edges are reinforced, and the thin steel frame maintains the perfect shape of the bag. There are dedicated compartments with separated compartments and pockets that provide an ample amount of space for your 15.6-inch laptop, charging cables, power banks, external hard disks, and other important tech items. The elastic pocket on each side of the backpack holds your water bottle and your umbrella as well. 

There is also an anti-theft protected pocket at the back of the bag where you can keep all your necessary items like the purse, credit cards passports, driving license, etc. The luggage strap can help fix the bag on the handle of a trolley or suitcase making it extremely easy to carry around. Last but not the least, there is also a USB charging port on one side of the backpack with a built-in charging cable. The charging cable connects to a power bank. Then connect the charging cable to the USB port, and you can charge your phone while you are on the go.

Overall we would say that this is a perfect laptop backpack for women and girls. It can be a great companion when you take it out for college, travel, business, and everyday outdoor activities.

Comes in three different colors Black Pink, Black Red, Pink Green.

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BESMART Outdoor Travel Laptop Backpacks (Cyberpunk Design)

Lightweight Daypack Laptop Bag/ Water-Resistant/ Book Bag with Multi-Layer for College Student/ School Bag for Men & Woman/ Ideal for Camping Hiking

besmart outdoor travel laptop backpack

Our fourth pick is the Outdoor Travel Laptop Backpacks from BE SMART. The backpack is made up of very high-quality tear-resistant waterproof polyester fabric. The zippers are pure nylon. The stitching is done very meticulously for long-lasting use. Not only that this laptop bag is a hybrid backpack which means it can also serve as an outdoor hiking bag apart from the normal daily usage. On pulling up the magnetic buttons reveal four large compartments. The main huge compartment is for the books documents clothes and other important items.

The first three-compartment are reserved for small accessories and thus gives you options to hide important documents like wallet passports ID cards etc. There is a separate compartment that can hold a 14-inch laptop. The anti-theft compartment on the back of the backpack can hold your important items like a purse driving license etc. The back of the cotton partition layer is also scratch-resistant thus can protect your laptop from all scratches. It might be a little bit on the taller side and looks more like a hiking bag. But it can be used on a business trip, a weekend outing, or anywhere you want. The Cyberpunk look and feel on the laptop bag gives it a more edgy and aesthetic feel. It is extremely comfortable as well with breathable padded material installed which helps in more air ventilation thus prevents sweating.

Overall an excellent backpack to go with if you want an all rounding laptop bag for traveling and everyday use with a lot of storage space. However, we didn’t see any USB Charging ports on these bags for laptops.

Comes in three attractive colors, Arctic Blue, Army Green & Black.

Lenovo Legion 17″ Armored Gaming Backpack

Double-Layered Protection, Dedicated Storage Pockets, Black

lenovo legion armored gaming backpack

The fifth and final pick of our top 5 best laptop backpacks list is the Lenovo Legion Gaming Backpack. This laptop bag is a Gaming backpack which means you will get all the features of a Gaming specific bag. For example, a spacious interior dedicated for up to 17.3-inch Gaming laptops along with specific compartments to access all your gaming tools like the keyboard and the gaming mouse. You can also protect your gear with an ultra-tough high-density EVA molded front shield PU fabric which is 100% water and shock-resistant.

This armored laptop bag is extremely comfortable with back padding for proper ventilation and the adjustable shoulder straps provide maximum comfort even if you are carrying your full gaming gear in the backpack. The 17-inch Armored backpack speaks volumes in terms of style and the black color can fit in all the different situations. There are specific locations for your gear storage along with elastic side pockets for water bottles. Overall we would say this is the best backpack on this whole list. It might be expensive than the rest of the laptop bags but it’s well worth the price.

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Which laptop backpack should I buy?

Well, it all depends upon your usage. If you are more into traveling on business trips and weekend getaways then definitely you can go for the Be Smart & BC Bruno Cavelli Backpacks. The VSNOON College laptop bags are perfect for women and college-going girls. And if you are mostly into Gaming and want to carry your Gaming Laptop to a Lan Party we would definitely suggest the Lenovo Legion Backpack.

While picking laptop backpacks keep in mind the durability, comfort, and the space it provides. The USB functionality would be a secondary choice and the primary being the Water Resistant feature which is a must when it comes to choosing a laptop bag.

These laptop backpacks are all available right now on Amazon! Go grab them before they go out of stock!

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