Best Controllers for PC – Our Top 5 picks for 2022

Playing games with a controller is very fun and exciting. So today, we have picked up the top 5 best controllers for PC gaming for 2022.

Casually we play games on PC with a keyboard and mouse combo hardware. Genuinely keyboard is used for WASD buttons for movement and other in-game actions. In contrast, the mouse is used in-game for firing, secondary weapon attacks, in-game interactions and looking around.

The Mouse and the keyboard have much more customizable functionality that might be missing for people gaming on a controller, but that hardly matters because a game features only a set of controls compatible with all the gaming controllers out on the market for PC.

But playing games on a controller is the best experience that you can have. You can hold them with both hands, and it has a better experience and accessibility for all sorts of games. Also, controllers have a dual shock or vibration technology that precisely delivers the feeling of a collision or other character activities happening inside the game. These features of the latest-gen controllers provide some of the best experiences with feedback and vibrations that respond to the game’s environments.

Brands manufacture controllers separately for PC gaming. But some console controllers also support PC. Since there are many options ranging from the budget to the enthusiast grade, which one should you choose? To clear this confusion, we listed the Top 5 best controllers for PC. These controllers will provide the best experience and performance and customization options for every kind of player.

Now further any delay’ let’s check out the top 5 best Controllers for PC in 2022.

Best Controllers for PC – Microsoft Xbox One Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller

Best Controllers for PC - Microsoft Xbox One Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller
Microsoft Xbox One Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller

Our 1st choice goes with Microsoft Xbox One Elite Series 2 Wireless Controller. It is an exclusive Microsoft controller that supports the Xbox console and PC running Microsoft Windows. This is a premium controller which is made with some outstanding build quality with a very much of comfortable design and buttons.

The stick and trigger buttons, along with other controls of this wireless controller, are very soft to press and accurately placed according to the universal hand size. All pc games, including Xbox game pass games, are fully supported by this controller. It has a perfect battery life and fast response time, even in wireless mode. Microsoft also offers some extra buttons for customization on this controller. The price of the Microsoft Elite Series 2 Wireless controller is $154.99.


  • World’s most premium controller
  • Full of button and software customization options
  • Extra Trigger buttons under the controller for playing fps and racing games
  • Onboard profile storage options
  • Fast USB C Charing with headphone mic combo jack


  • Expensive
  • Not available in all countries

Best PS5 Gamepad for PC – Sony DualSense PS5 Wireless Controller

Best PS5 Gamepad for PC - Sony DualSense PS5 Wireless Controller
Sony DualSense PS5 Wireless Controller

Our 2nd choice goes with Sony DualSense PS5 Wireless Controller. This is the most sensitive controller currently available in the market, which delivers a very, very deep gaming experience. Sony has manufactured this controller with top-notch haptic feedback sensors and separate adaptive triggers. If you are experiencing a minimal amount of collision or your character is getting collied physically to anything, then you can feel their activity directly on this controller.

With an inbuilt headphone mic combo jack, this also comes with an inbuilt speaker. And there is a remarkable amount of area on the top-middle portion of the controller, like a laptop touchpad that lets you move your in-game mouse cursor. The price of the Sony Dualsense Controller is $69.99


  • World’s most sensitive controller with haptic feedback, motion sensor, and adaptive trigger
  • Full software support
  • Fast USB C Charing, headphone mic combo jack, and inbuilt speaker
  • Supports on Apple/Mac devices
  • Comes within budget


  • No button customization
  • No support for all PC games
  • Separate DualSense Software must be installed to customize the controller RGB LED and other features such as Adaptive Triggers and Haptic Feedback because this controller is explicitly made for Playstation 5.

Gamepads for PCRazer Wolverine V2 Chroma

Gamepads for PC - Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma
Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma

Our 3rd choice goes with the Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma controller. This is the most beautiful controller that is currently available on the market. This controller comes in the shape of a Microsoft Xbox controller and has Sony DualSense feedback features. Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma buttons and grip are specially made with a non-slippery design. This gives you a firm and comfortable grip during long hours of gaming.

It comes with six remappable buttons and additional four extra triggers. You can fully customize all of them via razer software. It has a Mech-Tactile action and trigger buttons that deliver accurate feedback according to the in-game character activities. The price of the Razer Wolverine V2 Chroma is $149.99


  • Semi-premium build quality
  • Comfortable grip
  • Hybrid Design and Functionality (Xbox controller type design with PS DualShock type features)
  • Customizable Thumbstick


  • High price according to the build quality and performance
  • Extra buttons are just for mappable
  • No in-built headphone jack

Best Gaming Controllers for PCAstro C40 TR

Best Controllers for PC - Astro C40 TR
Astro C40 TR

Our 4th choice goes with the Astro C40 controller. This is the best vintage-looking controller in the PC gaming market right now. It is very similar to the Playstation 4 Dualshock wireless controller. When looking at the controller, you will surely remember your childhood Nintendo gaming as its texture design will give you that vibe.

It comes with a premium quality built design. The impressive factor about this controller is that it can be used in wired and wireless modes per your situation or demand. This controller also comes with lots of customization options. The price of the Astro C40 TR is $199.99


  • Premium quality build design
  • Lots of customization options
  • Wired and Wireless mode
  • Accurate Feedback


  • Costly
  • D-pad buttons are stiff compared when compared to other controllers
  • No extra buttons
  • Suitable for only big hands
  • Hard to get one

Budget Gaming Controllers for PCLogitech F310

Budget Gaming Controllers for PC - Logitech F310
Logitech F310

Our 5th choice goes with Logitech F310 Controller. This is the most budget-friendly controller with good build quality along with performance. It comes with a simple design and works with all PC games. Those gamers into sports games like FIFA NBA running with a low budget have always chosen this controller as their 1st priority. Logitech F310 has almost a PS3 controller design and has only one Sky blue colour model. The price of the Logitech F310 is $19.99


  • Comes within budget
  • Comfortable design and buttons
  • It works great for playing Sports games like FIFA, NBA, Cricket etc. on PC.
  • Easy to use


  • Cheap plastic build
  • No customization option

So this was all about our top 5 picks of the best PC controllers of the year 2022. Don’t hesitate to comment below if you think we have left out something.

Thank You!

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