Best B760 Motherboards- Our Top 5 Picks

These are the best B760 Motherboards you can buy for your Intel 13th Generation Build. These motherboards come with flagship features under your budget.

Many motherboards are available in the market for the latest Intel 13th Generation Processors. Depending upon their electronics architecture, design, features and price, they are divided into many groups for quicker identification. The groups of the motherboards are Z Series, B Series and H Series. Among these series of motherboards, today we will talk about the B series motherboards if you are building your PC for 2023.

The B760 series motherboards are designed only for business and content creation. But that doesn’t mean you can use it for Gaming. But these motherboards are standard with no “Gaming” related features. That is why they are priced lesser and are widely used for daily office work, home entertainment, or institutional purposes for learning or practising PC use.

And especially nowadays, as per the massive demand for gaming products, all the brands have upgraded the B series to perform equally well in Gaming by including certain features. Also, the B series motherboards are the cheapest in all over the world.

So if you want to pick up an excellent B760 series motherboard, this article will significantly help and guide you. We did both an online and an offline market survey and talked to the seller about the demand for the B series. We also spoke to some random PC users who are very satisfied with their new B760 motherboard series, which is why we listed our top 5 best B760 series motherboards in 2023.

Without further delay, let’s check out the top 5 B760 motherboards you can buy in 2023.

Best B760 Motherboards- MSI PRO B760-P WiFi

Best B760 Motherboards- MSI PRO B760-P WiFi

Our 1st choice goes with MSI PRO B760-WiFi motherboard. With DDR4 technology support, it is still compatible to run the latest gen Intel 13th Gen and 12th Gen CPU. It has a simple black look and features a 6-layer PCB manufactured by copper and military grade-level materials for long durability. MSI Pro B760-P has an extended heatsink with an 8+4 pin power design and features the latest WiFi 6E feature.

Key Features

  • Intel 13th Gen Core, Pentium, Gold, and Celeron CPU support
  • Dual Channel DDR4 memory with a max of 128GB 5333MHz frequency support
  • Extended Heatsink with MOSFET Thermal pad
  • High-quality 6-layer PCB, which is made of Copper and Silver grade-level material
  • 2 PCIe 4.0 and 3 PCIe 3.0 slots for the Gaming
  • USB 3.2 Gen 2 slot with USB C
  • 2.5G LAN and latest WiFi 6E
  • Price $179.99

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Best mATX B760 Chipset- Asus Prime B760M-A

Best mATX B760 Chipset- Asus Prime B760M-A

Our 2nd choice goes with the Asus Prime B760M-A motherboard. From the design, it is an mATX motherboard. This motherboard also features the ASUS Aura Sync and supports the latest GGen Intel 13th Gen CPUs. For memory overclocking, Asus has made this motherboard with Asus OptiMem II technology. This allows simple overclocking by preserving its performance. It also has a moderate heatsink and a not-so-complicated BIOS UI.

Key Features

  • Intel 13th Gen CPU Support with Precise Digital Power Control
  • All Around Energy Saving design
  • Max DDR4 128GB 5333 Frequency RAM support
  • M.2 NVMe SSD Key M compatibility
  • Lots of USB and PCIe ports
  • Realtek 7.1 surrounding sound
  • Price $149.99

Cheapest mATX B760 Motherboard- GIGABYTE B760M DS3H

Our 3rd choice goes with the Gigabyte B760M DS3H motherboard. With the support of both 13th and 12th gen Intel CPUs, this motherboard has a Hybrid 6+2+1 phases Digital VRAM design. Gigabyte has made this motherboard with a multiple-sensor hybrid fan header. For this, the fan will automatically stop and save power for you whenever required.

For long-term durability and expandability, this motherboard comes with premium capacitors and well-laid-out sockets. This DS3H board has a small amount of heatsink, but it does the job without any issues.

Key Features

  • Eight solid-pin CPU power connectors
  • M.2 NVMe storage options
  • 6+2+1 Hybrid Digital VRAM Design
  • PCIe 4.0 compatible
  • Dual channel DDR4 RAM support with Intel 12th and 13th gen compatibility
  • Smart FAN 6 technology
  • USB C support of 10Gb/s speed
  • Price $140.52

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Best B760 Motherboards- ASRock B760M Pro RS D4

Our 4th Choice of B760 motherboard goes to the ASRock B760 Pro RS/D4 motherboard. With the support of both Intel 12th and 13th Gen CPU, this board has some outstanding features like a solid IO Sheild, a full ATX Form factor a great Audio Support.

ASRock B760 Pro RS/D4 has a very stylish looking with a combination of White and Black Colors. It has Dragon 2.5G LAN support, Realtek ALC897 7.1 CH audio codec, and Nahimic Audio. And being on the Intel Platform, you can enjoy all the XMP Profiles and play with the different RAM speeds.

Key Features

  • Supports Intel Boost technology of 3.0, thermal velocity, adaptive boost, and XMP profile
  • Non-ECC DDR4 RAM supports up to 128GB amount of Un-buffered 5333 MHZ frequency
  • Intel 13th and 12th gen CPU support with Xe Graphics
  • 7.1 CH Audio with Nahimic Audio
  • Premium Quality Ultra Level Dragon RTL8125GB LAN
  • PCIe, Hyper M.2 socket available with AMD CrossFire technology
  • Lots of USB options
  • Antenna Mounting Ports options
  • Price $286.34

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Best B760 DDR5 Motherboard – Biostar B760M Silver

Best B760 DDR5 Motherboard - Biostar B760M Silver

Our 5th Choice of B760 motherboard goes with Biostar B760M Silver. It comes in a microATX form factor and features a large heatsink. It has the latest DDR5 compatibility and Intel 13th Gen CPU support. Biostar B760M Silver holds Integrated video support of Microsoft DirectX v12 and HDCP. It has limited IO ports, USB, and PCIe slots, but you can still go for its great build quality. Aesthetic-wise, it also looks pretty nice, with support for 4 RAM sticks.

Key Features

  • Intel 13th and 12th Gen CPU support
  • Single Intel Chip support
  • 128GB DDR5 RAM support
  • PCIe 5.0 Slot ready
  • Intel WiFi 6 and 6E model
  • M.2 NVMe SSD support
  • USB Type C slot
  • Price $168.48

Remember that the B760 motherboards do not support overclocking, so if you buy a K Series Processor hoping it will overclock, it sadly won’t. For overclocking, you need to move up to a Z790 motherboard. For the B760 motherboards, we suggest Processors like the Intel Core i3 13100 and the Intel Core i5 13400/13400F if you are not interested in overclocking. There is no point getting an Intel Core i5 13600K or Core i7 13700K with this board, as you won’t be able to overclock it.

So this was all about the top 5 best B760 motherboards. But if you think we have missed anything, let us know in the comments below.

That’s all, Folks!

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