AUO 540Hz Gaming Monitor – Faster Monitor than Benq?

Recently a leak suggested that a new 540Hz Gaming Monitor from AUO is on the way, which will be the faster Monitor to date.

In this Video Gaming Industry, the production of PC Gaming monitors is growing up day by day. Gaming Monitor Companies manufacture the latest monitors by mainly focusing on two types of gamers, whether they are on PC or Console. The first kind of Monitor comes with a moderate 60Hz refresh rate for AAA Single Player Gamers. Another type of Monitor comes with the latest and faster refresh rates for serious competitive multiplayer gamers.

The 1st high refresh rate monitor came on the market with 120Hz. And since then, the demand for high refresh rate monitors has increased. Because it was the key to dominating their enemies in the competitive multiplayer games. Since then, we have frequently seen an advancement in monitor refresh rates. And now, the fastest refresh rate monitor in this gaming market is Asus ROG 360Hz Monitor.

But this does not stop here now. A few months ago, Benq and Asus announced they would reveal the world’s first 500Hz refresh rate gaming panel. But now another competitor AUO has arrived to give tough competition to these brands. Recently, a leaked image shows that AUO is preparing to launch a 540Hz gaming monitor, which is still in prototype mode.

auo 540hz gaming monitor
AUO 540hz gaming monitor

Already, Benq and Asus have given their statement that their Monitors will support all the latest Nvidia Technologies. But we don’t know the quality or any supportive information about this AUO Monitor yet. As soon we get any information on this, we will update this article or on a separate one.

If all of the above information is true, then Benq, Asus, and other companies must think twice before launching their products. Because their monitors are limited to 500Hz, panels will not offer them 40Hz extra like the AUO gaming monitor, and if your PC can deliver 540 fps, the AUO gaming monitor can be a perfect fit. But other 500Hz monitors will be restricted to showing fps of more than 500. So obviously, Gamers will choose the additional 40Hz advantage provider monitor.

AUO 480Hz Laptop

Along with the 540Hz Monitor, AUO announced their 480Hz panel laptop. AUO is testing two different panel-sized laptops, 24 inches and 16 inches. Both screens will provide a full native 1080p resolution and an OLED quality panel. But AUO is mainly focusing on 4k display resolution panels. So very soon, we might experience the world’s first 4k panel and a 480Hz refresh rate.

So this was all about the upcoming AUO 540Hz Gaming Monitor. If you think we missed out on anything, feel free to comment below.

That’s all, folks!

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