Radeon RX Graphics Card Performance Showdown

Today we are bringing you a Radeon RX Graphics Card Performance Showdown. We are including all the latest RX 6000 Graphics Card from the folks over at AMD!

AMD has launched there several GPUs within different price and performance ranges from low to high. where it is a question of performance, every card has given decent performance according to its budget price.

Today we got the opportunity to do a comparison between these five AMD cards, RX 6900XT, RT 6800XT, RX 6700XT, RX 6600XT, and the RX 6500XT. The RX 6900XT is a high-end card and RX 6500XT is an entry-level card. So we are taking these 5 cards and comparing them head to head against each other.

So without further delay let’s check out the Radeon RX GPU Performance showdown!

Radeon RX GPU Performance showdown
Radeon RX GPU Performance showdown

Radeon RX Graphics Card Specs

The AMD RX6900XT and RX6800XT cards are quite similar but some minor differences. Both are 16GB cards with a 256-bit memory bit and come with a base clock of 2015MHz where both can be boosted for overclocking of up to 2250MHz. Both cards’ have a maximum memory bandwidth that goes up to 512GB/s.

While other cards 6700XT, 6600XT, and 6500XT come with a base clock frequency of 2424MHz, 2359MHz, and 2610 MHz respectively. The boost frequencies of these cards 2581MHz, 2589MHz, 2815MHz respectively for overclocking as well.

The AMD Radeon 6700XT comes with 12GB video memory while the RX6600XT comes with 8GB, and the RX6500XT with a minimum of 4GB video memory. All of these cards come with a Display port 1.4a and HDMI 2.1 port along with GDDR6 type memory.

Radeon RX Graphics Card Performance

AMD gives the best optimal performance when paired with their family product for example a Ryzen Processor. So for testing, we prepared our testbench with AMD’s latest fastest Ryzen 9 5900X CPU and paired it with 16GB DDR4 RAM.

AMD has given in their statement that their DDR5 supported Processors are coming in 2022 so they are evident hoping that games would run much faster and better with the new and updated DDR5 Platform. All games have been tested in 1080p with mid to high settings.

GAMESRadeon RX 6900XTRadeon RX 6800XTRadeon RX 6700XTRadeon RX 6600XTRadeon RX 6500XT
Cyberpunk 2077130FPS123FPS87FPS75FPS61FPS
Assassins Creed Valhalla155FPS145FPS114FPS90FPS74FPS
Red Dead Redemption 2139FPS132FPS96FPS82FPS69FPS
Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2019 Warzone204FPS198FPS180FPS171FPS166FPS
Hitman 3218FPS215FPS160FPS152FPS138FPS
Watch Dogs Legion127FPS120FPS87FPS79FPS61FPS
Metro Exodus156FPS149FPS104FPS96FPS81FPS
Rainbow Six Siege557FPS552FPS408FPS322FPS298FPS

Radeon RX Graphics Card Performance Verdict

So, we can see a pretty good performance of these AMD GPUs according to their range according to their performance, and for the price which it comes at. Radeon has been giving tough competition to Nvidia with these cards retailing at a much cheaper price range than the green team. With these results, keep in mind that the FPS may vary from system to system.

That’s all folks!

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