500 Hz Gaming Monitor – Benq latest prototype is here

Benq teased the worlds’ fastest 500 Hz Gaming Monitor on a Chinese website with the fastest response time.

Well, some of the biggest things in the video game industry have already started creating a big hype in 2022. Finally, the news has revealed that this time it’s a monitor which features a 500hz refresh rate along with a 1ms response time.

Yes, read that right. It’s a panel with a 500hz refresh rate and the 1ms response time monitor just has been announced by the renowned gaming monitor brand Benq. They have recently revealed their latest product which features the fastest refresh rate on the planet.

While Asus was holding the “Fastest Gaming Monitor of the Planet” tag with the highest refresh rate of 360Hz, BenQ is finally here to take over the crown from ASUS. Reports from the Chinese website say that this time BenQ thinks they can manufacture a much better and faster product than its competitors.

500 hz gaming monitor benq
500 Hz Gaming Monitor teased from BenQ

So this time they didn’t go with an OLED but they have used an “oxide semiconductor display technology” and planned for mass production of copper interconnect stack structures. Combination of these things, BenQ is ready to deliver you a high refresh rate, high resolution, faster response time along with low power oxide display technology.

We have seen before that this type of high refresh rate monitor is made with a TFT panel so possibly we can expect that they would also make this with the same. But although Benq didn’t confirm anything as of yet.

Surprisingly, this monitor is gonna be a 27-inch 1080p monitor where most (probably all) of the famous Esports players have always preferred a 24-inch 1080p monitor, hopefully, BenQ will launch a 24-inch version of this. The prototype of this product is still in the testing phase and claims to deliver 8-bit color depth which would require an 8-lane display port.

From the beginning, all First Person Shooter players have demanded the fastest refresh rate and response time. These high refresh rates and the fastest response time impact a lot in multiplayer first-person shooter games. Because every fraction of a second is important, a one-shot miss or shooting on a wrong target can reverse the tide of the game.

So this time around, to make games run butter smooth, you also need a good high-end Graphics card which will need to send each frame to this monitor after every 2 milliseconds to get maximum viewing speed. So therefore this high refresh rate monitor is going to reduce your monitor input lag as much as possible when comparing it with the current monitors available in the market.

While Asus’s 360Hz monitor is the fastest in the market right now but it comes with certain problems as well. For example, if you put the Gaming monitor on 1ms mode, you can see the screen tearing issues, and hence the buyers of those monitors are going back to their good old 240Hz.

So we would expect BenQ that after qualifying all of the necessary tests, the brand will release their latest 500 Hz Gaming Monitor. The ASUS 360Hz gaming monitor retails for around 495$-500$ on Amazon which we would say to go for if you need a fast panel with 5ms slow response time. Our suggestion is to wait for the Benq 500 Hz Gaming monitor which is rumored to launch by the end of 2022.

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